Astro Bingo Triple Ripple Thursday

It’s always a full house from 9pm to 12am for these ripple games at Astro Bingo, where the prizes go every which way but sideways.

What’s a “ripple”? It starts with a £100 prize and goes down to £75, £50 then £25. But don’t worry, what goes down must come back up, so it climbs to £50, £75, and then back to £100! These “Ripple” Full House games play for three games between 9pm and 12am every Thursday at Astro Bingo. Tickets are 35p.

Play Now at Astro Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Triple Ripple Thursday for up to £100 in bingo prizes. Get more than you bargained for every Thursday with Triple Ripple.