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Astro Bingo Overview

Astro Bingo has been operating online bingo since 2001 and their web based experience in servicing and hosting online bingo gaming is extensive.

Signup Bonus

Astro Bingo offers a huge £10 no deposit bingo bonus to check out their great games as well as a 200% bonus on your first deposit.

Deposit Bonus

AstroBingo offers a regular deposit bonus up to 100%.

Jackpots offers various progressive jackpots as well as hourly specials throughout the week.

Game Variety

Astro Bingo offers bingo games in both 75 balls and 90 balls.

Loyalty / Referral Rewards

AstroBingo has a Ultra Loyalty Club that allows you to collect points as you play & receive big bonuses up to 100% deposit bonus. With Astro Bingo Referral Rewards you will earn a 15% bonus (in BPs) on each of your friends deposits for the lifetime of their account.

Support offers e-mail . toll free and help desk support.

Deposit / Payout Options

Astro Bingo has many Deposit and Payout Options including: Visa Card . Master Card . Solo . Switch . Visa Electron . Bank Wires . Money Booker . U-Cash . Neteller and Lga


Astro Bingo has very nice site graphics which make it easy to read and easy to play.


AstroBingo is run on Parlay Software. They are one of the pioneers of online software and have all the features, including security that you will need to play online bingo .

Astro Bingo

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Astro Bingo

LAST UPDATED: January 22, 2013

Astro Bingo Overall Rating

The Overall Rating from our Astro Bingo Review is 8.7 which is a very respectable rating. We suggest that they try to make improvements to their regular deposit bonuses. The support and deposit and withdrawal options are top notch.

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More on Astro Bingo

You are a big winner as soon as you sign up with 200% 1st Deposit Bonus and £10 Free to Try With amazing promotions running every day of the week you are going to love playing online bingo at Astro Bingo.

  1. Astro Bingo on a Budget07-16-2010

    Online Bingo from the Comfort of Your Home. Astro Bingo offers you £1 free bingo bonus to try their games out and 200% bonus on your first deposit to start you winning all kinds bingo prizes.

  2. Astro Bingo Triple Progressive Hour07-19-2010

    Not one, not two, but three progressive jackpots this hour all of which start by playing hard to get but then get easier to win over time at Astro Bingo.

  3. £5000 Summer Lovin’ Challenge @ Astro Bingo07-26-2010

    Join Astro Bingo for some beach blanket bingo from July 23th to August 5th because Astro Bingo is adding a new twist to the latest Challenge with £5000!

  4. Astro Bingo Friday Free for All08-27-2010

    Friday mornings and nights are crazy with 6 hours of free and BOGO bargains. Free online bingo games pay £10 cash at Astro Bingo.

  5. Become a Star Pupil @ Astro Bingo09-04-2010

    On September 5th, for one day only, Astro Bingo is going to see who’s really at the head of the class! There are a total £740 in bingo prizes waiting for you.

  6. Astro Bingo £5000 School Daze Challenge09-09-2010

    From September 3rd to September 16th go back to bingo with Astro Bingo new School Daze Challenge.

  7. Astro Bingo Alien Encounter £5000 Challenge11-24-2010

    Play online games bingo at Astro Bingo and take part in the Alien Encounter £5000 Challenge between. It’s your chance to win prizes, earn bodge and play tourney.

  8. £5000 Monster Mash Challenge @ Astro Bingo11-24-2010

    It’s that time of year again, when the creatures of the night stalk, hop, float and crawl through the night. But even ghouls and ghosts like to have fun, so Astro Bingo is gathering everyone and every-thing together to party it up in the £5000 Monster Mash Challenge!

  9. Astro Bingo 21 Days of Christmas12-20-2010

    Just can’t wait for Christmas Day this year, so for the next three weeks, Astro Bingo is pretending that every day is Christmas with cash prizes and gifts.

  10. £5000 Eye Spy Challenge @ Astro Bingo12-20-2010

    I spy with my little eye something that begins with “B”. If you said either “Bingo” or “Bonuses”, you’re right, and you’ll find both of them in the new £5000 Eye Spy Challenge at Astro Bingo.

  11. Astro Bingo Love Meter02-15-2011

    Are you a hopeless romantic? Naughty but nice? Too hot to handle? The Astro Bingo Love Meter will reveal the truth!

  12. Alpine Express £5000 Challenge @ Astro Bingo02-15-2011

    For the next two weeks you will be on top of the world when you play the new £5000 Alpine Express Challenge in Money Tree and Lucky Streak at Astro Bingo.

  13. Triple Progressive Hour at Astro Bingo04-04-2011

    Not one, not two. But three progressive jackpots this hour at Astro Bingo all of which start by playing hard to get but then get easier to win over time. Who knows how high they’ll climb?

  14. Astro Bingo April Fool's Weekend04-04-2011

    Laughter is the best medicine, so this weekend Astro Bingo is giving away healthy prizes to anyone lucky enough to be an April Fool.

  15. Astro Bingo Focus on Bingo04-04-2011

    Quiet on the set … It’s time to Focus on Bingo. Astro Bingo has got a panorama of HD pocket camcorders to give away to 3 lucky players.

  16. Triple Ripple Thursday @ Astro Bingo04-04-2011

    Play online games bingo at Astro Bingo and it’s always a full house from 9pm to 12am for these ripple games. Where the prizes go every which way but sideways.

  17. Astro Bingo Twosome Tuesday05-19-2011

    Play Twosome Tuesday bingo at Astro Bingo every Tuesday and win £22 prizes on one line. two line and full house twice an hour for two hours(Between 9am and 11pm).

  18. Free Play And Pennies @ Astro Bingo05-19-2011

    Play online games bingo at Astro Bingo and Astro Bingo is treating you to a light lunch at high noon light on your wallet that is . Play for free, Play for pennies.

  19. Astro Bingo Free Bingo for a Week07-08-2011

    Play £10 on online games bingo at Astro Bingo every Friday and you will be entered into a draw for 7 days of free bingo. What are you waiting for?

  20. Twosome Tuesday @ Astro Bingo07-08-2011

    Play Twosome Tuesday bingo at Astro Bingo and there are £22 prizes on one line, Two line and full house twice and hour for two hours( between 9pm and 11pm).

  21. Astro Bingo Midnight Somewhere08-08-2011

    Wednesday nights at 9 pm. The first number called in the linked up game at Astro Bingo determines the deposit bonus. Anything from 110% to a massive 190% for 12 hours.

  22. Bingo Perfecta @ Astro Bingo08-08-2011

    Two out of three ain’t bad, it’s Astro Bingo PERFECTA! From 9am to Midnight, be the solo winner of any two parts of a single game in Money Tree or Lucky Streak and you can claim £10 bonus!

  23. Astro Bingo Grand Prix11-22-2011

    Get your motor running for an hour of quick play bingo games in both 80 and 90 number bingo formats at Astro Bingo. All games feature 1TG prizes for players who are one away from winning.

  24. Colour Me A Winner at Astro Bingo11-22-2011

    Cards of a different colour can still be winners at Astro Bingo. What you need to do is play online games bingo and finish these games with up to 3TG and win.

  25. Astro Bingo Moonlight Dreams11-29-2011

    Attention insomniacs and night owls from late night to early morning you could win the special dream machine jackpot. You just need to play bingo at Astro Bingo.

  26. Astro Bingo Happy Face £5000 Challeng11-30-2011

    Make deposits and play online games bingo at Astro Bingo. The latest Challenge will definitely put a smile on your face as well as some money in your pocket.

  27. Power Ball Bingo @ Astro Bingo11-30-2011

    How do you spell ‘fun’? B-I-N-G-O. Play online games bingo at Astro Bingo and win on a power ball ‘bingo’ letter for an extra £5. Don’t miss it out.

  28. Money in Your Pocket @ Astro Bingo12-02-2011

    Play £10 worth of bingo anytime on Thursday and receive £1 bonus free. What you need to do is make deposits and play online games bingo at Astro Bingo.

  29. Big Ticket Progress Jackpots Games @ Astro Bingo12-02-2011

    The Astro Bingo Big Ticket Progress Jackpots Games jackpot is your big ticket to winning. Cover all to win big in this 75 ball Progress Jackpots running twice an hour every day.

  30. Astro Bingo Fair For All12-06-2011

    This is the “Fairest” game in the land where everyone has the exact same chances for the exact same prizes. Just relax, have fun, and win at Astro Bingo.