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Bingo Flash Important Notice
Bingo Flash is no longer endorsed by bingogals. Please check our USA Bingo Reviews for our favorite USA bingo sites.
Bingo Flash Overview

Bingo Flash was established in 2008. It is a new bingo site in the online bingo game market and it becoming very popular with both men and women.

Signup Bonus

Bingo Flash offers $20 Free no deposit bonus to try out their games, 250% first deposit bonus and 50% cashback.

Deposit Bonus

BingoFlash gives a regular deposit bonus of up to 300% and sometimes more so check their website for the latest details.

Jackpots has daily Jackpot Specials and Special Specials on the weekends.

Game Variety

Bingo Flash only offers bingo games in 75 balls as their main market is the USA.

Loyalty / Referral Rewards

BingoFlash Loyalty Rewards is linked to the regular deposit bonus program and there are up to 10 levels to grab the maximum deposit bonus. As for Referral Rewards they offer 100 Bingo Bucks and 25% bonus on the deposits made by your friends in the next 90 days

Support offers e-mail . help desk . live help and telephone support.

Deposit / Payout Options

Bingo Flash offers a limited selection of Deposit and Payout Options including: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Wire Transfer.


Bingo Flash has nice graphics and user friendly colors, but not outstanding.


BingoFlash is run on Parlay Software. They are one of the pioneers of online software and have all the features, including security that you will need to play online bingo.

Overall Rating

The Overall Rating for Bingo Flash is 8.4 which is one of our better bingo site rankings. We would like to see more game variety as well as more Deposit and Payout options.

Play Bingo Now

  1. Big Hearted Extra 200% Bonus @ Bingo Flash07-29-2010

    Do you want to get an extra bonus to help you with bingo? What you need to do is simply deposit and play online games bingo at Bingo Flash using the right deposit methods.

  2. Bingo Flash Break The Ice08-20-2010

    The USA Mixed Room at Bingo Flash is more than a place to bingo! It’s a place to let your hair down, meet like-minded people and forge new friendships!

  3. Bingo Flash Big Hearted Extras11-24-2010

    Do you want to receive more extra bingo bonus from a deposit? Make a deposit through the selected way you will earn an extra 100% bonus at Bingo Flash.

  4. Wick-end Ladies’ Nights @ Bingo Flash11-24-2010

    Bingo Flash knows Bingo is close to the ladies’ heart. So celebrating the bingohood and womanhood together in the special Ladies’ Bingo Nights every weekend.

  5. Basket Brunch @ Bingo Flash11-24-2010

    From 8 AM to 12 noon, the baskets will be passed around every 30 minutes. Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash for your chance to win $25 Guaranteed Jackpot.

  6. Bingo Flash Cookie Crunch12-06-2010

    It’s a cookie crunch this Christmas! The cookie corner at Bingo Flash is open from 8 AM to12 noon and the cookie man is baking crunchy cookies ever hour, everyday.

  7. 2011 Bonus at Bingo Flash02-05-2011

    Begin your New Year with a jumbo jackpot in your pockets from Bingo Flash! Just bingo all week to pocket this online bingo jumbo jackpot!

  8. Bingo Flash JAN Joy02-05-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash and Smile with the JAN Joy this New Year as it brings along the great reward winning opportunities for you.

  9. JAN Joy @ Bingo Flash02-05-2011

    Smile with Bingo Flash JAN Joy this New Year as it brings along the great reward winning opportunities for you in the USA Mixed Room at noon, 6pm, 9pm and midnight!

  10. Cupids Corner at Bingo Flash02-08-2011

    Visit Cupid’s Corner at Bingo Flash to get struck by lovely rewards!

  11. Bingo Flash Flower Pattern03-09-2011

    A flower has the power to win hearts. And a flower has the power to win you the rewards and bonuses every hour and everyday in our USA Mixed Room at Bingo Flash.

  12. Words of Love @ Bingo Flash03-09-2011

    Share with Bingo Flash those words of love that can make anyone week at the knees and those words of love that win you the rewards and bonuses.

  13. Bingo Flash Flash League05-13-2011

    Flash League on Bingo Flash gets better and better with time. With every Flash league Bomgo Flash come up with something very extraordinary and something very rich.

  14. Basket of Love @ Bingo Flash05-13-2011

    This Easter… the Easter basket of love… the Easter basket of bonuses and jackpots is awaiting you. Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash for the Basket of Love.

  15. Bingo Flash Cattle Call07-06-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash and brush up your bingo skills and join this mass audition everyday in the USA Mixed Room as the judges crown one bingo player.

  16. Lights, Camera, Action @ Bingo Flash07-06-2011

    Take the center stage to be the star of the show as the movie projector throws the spotlight on you and win a grand bonus at Bingo Flash.

  17. Las Vegas Bingo @ Bingo Flash07-06-2011

    Las Vegas is a hub of big fat opportunities. And with the Las Vegas Bingo, Bingo Flash bring these opportunities to you right into your living rooms.

  18. Bingo Flash The Wedlock08-05-2011

    Marriages…are made in heaven. It’s a bond where the two individuals unite to give a new meaning to life. Play bingo at Bingo Flash and take part in The Wedlock for bingo prizes.

  19. Bingo Flash Ghost Busters11-22-2011

    Halloween’s here and ghosts are around. And it’s a perfect time for the ghost busters to make big buck. What you need to do is play online bingo at Bingo Flash.

  20. Broom Vroom at Bingo Flash11-22-2011

    Wear your witch hat and go vroom vroom on your bingo broom. Bingo on the Witch Hat pattern and take a broom ride worth a $50 guaranteed jackpot at Bingo Flash.

  21. Bingo Flash Beat the Heat11-29-2011

    Those days of summer are here, so visit Bingo Flash and BEAT the HEAT. Collect the Four (4) those days of summer patterns and earn an entry into the Hottest Raffle yet.

  22. Bingo Flash Columbus Day11-30-2011

    Columbus discovered America. And you can discover some hidden treasures in the very American USA Mixed Room . What you need to do is play bingo at Bingo Flash.

  23. Bingo Flash Thanksgiving Dinner11-30-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash and bingo on the Martini, Drumsticks, Pie and Ice-cream Sundae patterns to win a guaranteed jackpot of $25 each.

  24. Stay in Shape @ Bingo Flash11-30-2011

    Health is wealth… Well, that’s literally and metaphorically correct! Get in shape at Bingo Flash because good health will help keep you playing bingo!! And because on Bingo Flash, every time you workout, you earn jackpots and bonuses!

  25. Labor Day @ Bingo Flash12-01-2011

    Labor Day is on the September 5. So, while you deserve a rest, you also deserve some rewards for being the nation’s strength. Play bingo at Bingo Flash for the prizes.

  26. Bingo Battle @ Bingo Flash12-02-2011

    It’s Thanksgiving and you gonna thank Bingo Flash for the horn of plenty that Bingo Flash bring to you this November. What you need to do is play bingo at Bingo Flash.