Bingomania UK Dunk The CH

Bingomania UKThe wonderful CHs in Bingomania UK are super friendly and helpful… but do you ever feel like just telling them to go jump in a lake? Your chance is coming.

Every night this week the bingo rooms at Bingomania UK will turn into dunking booths — and your Chat Host is on the hot seat. Just bingo on any ODD number and you’ll Dunk Your CH for a Splash of Bonus.

If your aim is true, your CH will plummet into the water. And when they get soaked, everyone in the game gets splashed with a share of a bonus pool equal to the prize amount.

The Dunk Your CH game plays at the bottom of every hour between 7pm and midnight, with a special Full Hour of Dunking action on March 31st at 11pm.

Play Now at Bingomania UK or read our online bingo review and join Dunk The CH for your chance to win bingo prizes.