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Bingomania UK Overview

Bingomania UK has been operating online bingo since 2001 and their web based experience in servicing and hosting online bingo gaming is extensive. Here you can find a great all around bingo site for players in the UK and Europe.

Signup Bonus

Bingomania UK offers £10 no deposit bingo bonus and 200% first deposit bonus.

Deposit Bonus

Bingomania offers a regular deposit bonus of a minimum of 50%. That means that every time you deposit £10 you will get another £5 for free.

Jackpots offers various progressive jackpots as well as hourly specials throughout the week.

Game Variety

Bingomania UK offers bingo games in both 75 balls and 90 balls.

Loyalty / Referral Rewards

BingomaniaUK has a Ultra Loyalty Club that allows you to collect points as you play & receive big bonuses up to 100% deposit bonus. With Bingonmania Referral Rewards you will earn a 15% bonus (in BPs) on each of your friends deposits for the lifetime of their account.

Support offers e-mail . toll free and help desk support.

Deposit / Payout Options

Bingo mania UK has many Deposit and Payout Options including: Visa Card . Master Card . Solo . switch . Delta . Maestro . Neller . Money Booker.


Bingomania UK has very nice site graphics which make it easy to read and easy to play.


BingomaniaUK is run on Parlay Software. They are one of the pioneers of online software and have all the features, including security that you will need to play online bingo .

Bingomania UK

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Bingomania UK

LAST UPDATED: January 22, 2013

Bingomania Overall Rating

The Overall Rating from our Bingomania UK Review is 8.7 which is one of our top site ratings. It’s better if they make an improvement to the regular deposit bonuses, but they do have great jackpots and loyalty rewards. If you are a UK bingo player and you have not yet played here than we high recommend that you take this site for a test drive today.

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More on Bingomania UK

If you thought the £10 no deposit bonus was generous than how about the 200% Signup Bonus You can take full advantage of these bingo bonuses and fill up your account. There are always lots of big winners and happy players at Bingomania.

  1. Bingomania UK Linked Up PJP Games07-28-2010

    Play in the linked up ultimate PJP of at least £5,000 at Bingomania UK.

  2. Bingomania UK Bingo Birdie Cheep Cheap Tickets08-02-2010

    Do you want to win a lot with cheap tickets? Bingo Birdie Cheep Cheap Tickets in Bingomania UK which plays every Monday is the game for you.

  3. £100 Grand Games @ Bingomania UK08-04-2010

    Have a grand old time every Wednesday night with Bingomania UK three-part £100 75-ball games. Each game plays for a cool pool of £100 and cost 50p per ticket. Games play twice an hour between 10pm and midnight.

  4. Bingomania UK on a Budget09-08-2010

    A 13 year old online bingo site for UK bingo players. Bingomania UK offers you £1 free bingo bonus to try their games out and 200% bonus on your first deposit to start you winning all kinds bingo prizes.

  5. Bingomania UK Money in Your Pocket09-09-2010

    Play £10 worth of bingo any time on Thursday at Bingomania UK and you will receive £1 bonus free.

  6. Free Bingo for a Week @ Bingomania UK09-17-2010

    Play £10 on bingo today at Bingomania UK and you’ll be entered into a draw for 7 days or free bingo. What are you waiting for? Join and win Free Bingo for a Week now.

  7. Bingomania UK Triple The Treasure And Triple The Fun09-21-2010

    Three times a day you could have triple the treasure and triple the fun at Bingomania UK!

  8. Bingo Perfecta @ Bingomania UK12-15-2010

    Play the Bingo Perfecta today at Bingomania UK. If you win any two parts in a single game you will get a £10 bonus. If you hit all three than you will get an awesome £100 bonus.

  9. Christmas Wish @ Bingomania UK12-15-2010

    When you make a single deposit of £25 or more, just email Bingomania UK your Christmas Wish and Santa’s Elves will do their best to make it come true!

  10. Bingomania UK Twofer12-15-2010

    Bingomania UK is now offering a Twofer everyday of the week. These Two-riffic games offer one free ticket for every one that you buy. If you don’t win they will randomly award two £1 prizes to non-winners, just for playing.

  11. Bingomania UK £100 Grand12-31-2010

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK, From 10pm to midnight, these three part £100 ganes are really grand. Hurry up come and get you £100 grand.

  12. Bingomania UK Heart-to-Heart Challenge03-05-2011

    Cross your heart and hope to win! Play the Bingomania UK Heart-to-Heart £5000 Challenge and fill your heart with bingo!

  13. Cupid’s Daily £50 Bonus @ Bingomania UK03-05-2011

    Each night at 9pm Bingomania UK will award a special £50 bonus to one or more Challenge game winners in the Cupid’s Daily £50 Bonus.

  14. Bingomania UK £5000 Clownin’ Around Challenge04-07-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK and it’s time to put on your funny shoes and rubber nose and get silly for the new Clownin’ Around £5000 Challenge.

  15. The Friday Free for All @ Bingomania UK04-07-2011

    Every Friday it’s a Free for All in Lucky Streak (9am-Noon) and in Money Tree (9pm-Midnight).

  16. Bingomania UK Grand Prix06-07-2011

    Grand Prix is an hour of speed bingo featuring 90 number games (1 Line) and 80-number games (Big X and Full House) at Bingomania UK.

  17. Bingomania UK Lucky For Some 1306-07-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK every Sunday and make 13 your lucky number and win £113.

  18. Royal Wedding £5000 Challenge @ Bingomania UK06-07-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK and take part in the Royal Wedding £5000 Challenge for your chance to win the prizes, earn bodge and play Tourney.

  19. The Final Countdown at Bingomania UK06-07-2011

    Three… Two… Won. Count down the numbers from 10 to 1 in these special 2 part pattern games for rotating prize amounts at Bingomania UK.

  20. Bingomania UK High Noon Bingo07-19-2011

    Summer Solstice arrives on Tuesday 21 June, marking the longest period of daylight this year, but starting today Bingomania UK is going to brighten up your whole week with three High Noon Bingo specials!

  21. Sky High PJP Games @ Bingomania UK07-19-2011

    Aim high… sky high! Take a shot at the Sky High Progressive Jackpot that plays twice an hour in the Bingomania UK Money Tree. Starting at £500, it gets higher and higher every time it’s played!

  22. Bingomania UK Bingo Perfecta08-12-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK and take part in the Bingo Perfecta, win any two parts in a single game to claim a £10 bonus. Hit all 3 for £100 bonus.

  23. Triple Play @ Bingomania UK08-12-2011

    Triple your pleasure with 3 different bingo specials at Bingomania UK: 3 consolation prizes, buy 3 get 1 free ticket specials, and 3 to go bonuses good things really do come in threes.

  24. Bingo Sky Fresh Music Fridays11-22-2011

    All you Ladies and Gentleman out there who just Love Music, Bingo Sky want to get you Moving and Dancing all night long. What you need to do is play bingo at Bingo sky.

  25. Bingomania UK Big Ticket PJP Games11-29-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK This jackpots is your big ticket to winning cover all to win big in this 75ball PJP running twice an hour every day.

  26. Bingomania UK Frankenstein’s Monster £5000 Challenge11-30-2011

    It’s Aliiive. Bring your own Frankenstein’s Monster to life each time you complete the latest Challenge. What you need to do is play bingo at Bingomania UK.

  27. Become Head Of The Class @ Bingomania UK11-30-2011

    Every day until September 8th you’ll have three chances to become Head of the Class and win £100 CASH on 9 September at Bingomania UK.

  28. The Final Countdown @ Bingomania UK12-02-2011

    Three, Two, Won. Count down the numbers from 10 to 1 in these special 2 pattern games for rotating prize amounts. What you need to do is play bingo at Bingomania UK.

  29. Happy Hour @ Bingomania UK12-02-2011

    What makes this session so happy? Slashed prices and free ticket specials. Chat it up with your fellow players at Bingomania UK and have 100% more fun.

  30. Bingomania UK At The Place Chat Challenge12-23-2011

    Play online games bingo at Bingomania UK and join At The Place Chat Challenge between December 1st and December 31st, you could win 100% deposit bonus all month long.

  31. Triple Progressive Hour at Bingomania UK12-23-2011

    Not one, not two, but three progressive jackpots this hour. All of which start by playing hard to get but then get easier to win over time. Who knows how high they’ll climb at Bingomania UK?