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Bingo: A Minds Game

When talking about bingo, no, we are not being ironic or sarcastic. Whilst many people consider bingo to be a game of great simplicity, the intellectual power needed to play it has been significantly underestimated. Does having a good brain mean that you are likely to be a better new bingo player? Here we will examine that question. Firstly an …Read More

Bingo is Proving to be a Hit with the Younger Generation

Bingo is no longer a small time game played in bingo halls by the older generation, since the popular pastime has ventured onto the World Wide Web; the game is now played by both the young and older generation. This popular hobby is a great way to pass the time, communicate with fellow gaming fans and also a good way …Read More

The History of Online Bingo

any of us think of online bingo when we think of bingo. But it has actually not been an online game for all that long. The earliest online bingo game was ‘Bingo Zone’. This was a free bingo game launched in 1996. Members had to give demographic information in order to play the free game. This then resulted in players …Read More

New Bingo Sites

As the popularity of online bingo continues to grow we are seeing new bingo sites coming online almost every other day. At times it seems a bit overwhelming as there are so many bingo sites to choose from. Many of the new bingo sites are owned and managed by companies that are already in the bingo business. As they try …Read More

What You Should Know About Online Bingo Reviews

ith the extraordinary growth of online bingo and the number of online bingo games also comes with a huge growth in the number of online bingo reviews sites.  Where there used to be just a few there are now hundreds.  It seems that everyone has something to say about online bingo.  This is great news for the online bingo players, …Read More