CyberBingo Cupid’s $1,000 Arrows

Bingo ArrowsLook out for Cupid’s $1,000 Bingo Arrows on Thursday February 14th at CyberBingo! This is the big Valentine’s Day promotion that you simply cannot miss. They will be hosting three $1,000 Guaranteed Games with bingo cards costing $2.50 each!

The three games will play back to back at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm ET in the Valentine Bingo Room! Join us at CyberBingo where they always have a promotion for every occasion! This bingo arrows special is one of the best offers that we have found anywhere to celebrate February 14. Make sure to mark your calendar and to set your alarm to make sure you don’t miss this once a year opportunity to win a big red prize.

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CyberBingo has Bingo Arrows for you this Week only

If you are looking for a well established online bingo site than look no further. Please read our online bingo review and you will know why CyberBingo is bingo at it’s best since 1996. If you are from Canada or the US than you probably, already know about this super popular bingo site. If you are somewhere else, like living under a rock, than you may not yet have heard about one of the oldest and most popular bingo site. Anyways, make sure you click over there to visit them right away. You won’t regret it.

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