Downtown Bingo Offers Big Bingo Fun

Big Bingo FunIt’s Big Bingo Fun time in June as you play for $13,000 in guaranteed in cash prizes in the Downtown Bingo $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event on Saturday, June 25 EDT. It’s time to start dreaming of how you would spend these incredible cash prizes, a new wardrobe? a summer vacation? Treat the family? With a guaranteed $10,000 cash to be won in the big game, this big bingo event could make your summer dreams come true.

Big Bingo Fun is Waiting for You at Downtown Bingo

Get ready for Big Bingo Fun and Excitement from 8:00PM EDT on Saturday, June 25 EDT as you play for a guaranteed $13,000 of cash prizes in the $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event. To get the event warmed up, Downtown Bingo will play three top of the hour $1,000 guaranteed games at 8:00PM EDT, 9:00PM EDT and 10:00PM EDT. Each game plays with a card cost of just $2.50 and guarantees a fabulous cash prize of $1,000. That’s an incredible $3,000 in cash prizes to be won in this Big Bingo Event warm up bingo games.

It’s time to make your summer dreams come true at 11:00PM EDT as you play the big game, the $10,000 Guaranteed game. With such a huge cash prize, this is the biggest bingo game of the month and guarantee’s another big winner at Downtown Bingo. Cards for the big game cost just $5.00 each.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make your dreams come true in June by pre-ordering your cards for our $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event today.