Dream Bingo Canada Fly High, Fly Low Bingo

Dream Bingo CanadaTime to face your flying fears this Wednesday November 17th at Dream Bingo Canada. The Chat Host will announce the Fly High, Fly Low game in the chat.

If you bingo at Dream Bingo Canada, you get to guess whether the first number out in the next game will be higher (fly high) or lower (fly low) than the number you won bingo on. If you’re right, you win 2 BBz. If you’re wrong, you still win 1 BBz. Nabors up and down each win 1 BBz when you win bingo. All players must meet the minimum card buy requirements and call “FLY” or “Nabors” in the chat to claim their BBz prizes.

Play Now at Dream Bingo Canada or read our online bingo review and join Fly High, Fly Low Bingo for your chance to guess right and win.