Gay Pride Bingo

[three_fifth] [titled_box title=”Gay Pride Bingo Important Notice”] Gay Pride Bingo is no longer endorsed by bingogals. Please check our USA Bingo Reviews for our favorite USA bingo sites.
[/titled_box] [fancy_header]Gay Pride Bingo Overview[/fancy_header]Gay Pride Bingo is the first, best and only online bingo site where you can play with pride. There is a big international bingo community who are playing these great online bingo games. They offer online bingo games and support in several different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. They have fantastic bonuses, fantastic prizes and fantastic chat.

[fancy_header]Signup Bonus[/fancy_header]GayPrideBingo offers a $20 no deposit bingo bonus for free trial, and they do have an amazing 500% first deposit bonus.

[fancy_header]Deposit Bonus[/fancy_header] offers a regular deposit bonus of up to 400% + 100% bbs.

[fancy_header] Jackpots[/fancy_header]Gay Pride Bingo has some great jackpots, you could find from their front page and in the bingo promotions section.

[fancy_header]Game Variety[/fancy_header]GayPrideBingo offers 75 ball bingo games only.

[fancy_header]Loyalty / Referral Rewards[/fancy_header] has a VIP Loyalty Program. To qualify for this additional bonus you will have to have your deposit-payout ratio less then 25% (deposits/payouts) and have a minimum of $250 in total deposits. As a VIP with payouts less than 25% earn an additional 100% for each deposit you make. VIP’s also earn an additional 100% participating in chat games.. As for Referral rewards they give 50% on every deposit your Bingo Buddies make for the 1st 60 days

[fancy_header]Support[/fancy_header]Gay Pride Bingo offers email support as well as live chat support.

[fancy_header]Deposit / Payout Options[/fancy_header]GayPrideBingo has many Deposit Options including: VISA . Master Card . Neteller . Citadel . MG and Use My Bank. As for Payout Options they offer: E Wallet Xpress . Insta Debit . Neteller.

[fancy_header]Graphics[/fancy_header] has nice site graphics but, not one of the best that we have seen.

[fancy_header]Software[/fancy_header]Gay Pride Bingo is run on Parlay Software. They are one of the pioneers of online software and have all the features, including security that you will need to play online bingo.

[/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last]Gay Pride Bingo

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[/check_list][/toggle] [fancy_header]Editor Scores[/fancy_header] [toggle title=”Signup Bonus”] [dropcap2]9.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Deposit Bonus”] [dropcap2]9.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Jackpots”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Game Variety”] [dropcap2]6.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Loyalty Rewards”] [dropcap2]7.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Support”] [dropcap2]8.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Deposit Options”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Graphics”] [dropcap2]8.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Software”] [dropcap2]9.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle variation=”primary_blue” title=”Overall Rating”] [dropcap4]8.6[/dropcap4] [/toggle]

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Gay Pride Bingo

[/two_fifth_last] [fancy_header]Overall Rating[/fancy_header]

The Overall Rating for Gay Pride Bingo is 8.6 which is considered above average. It will be more attractive if they could offer a better loyalty program and more game variety, but the deposit bonus are one reason this site is rankded so high.

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