I Won Bingo

[three_fifth] [titled_box title=”I Won Bingo Important Notice”] I Won Bingo is no longer endorsed by bingogals. Please check our USA Bingo Reviews for our favorite USA bingo sites.
[/titled_box] [fancy_header]I Won Bingo Overview[/fancy_header]I Won Bingo was formed by a group of avid online bingo players. I Won Bingo provide an entertainment, enjoyable and stimulating virtual playing environment whereby players compete with others from over the world in a friendly game of Bingo from the confort of their home.

I Won Bingo Important Notice

As of December 2011 I Won Bingo has been changed to Amigo Bingo. For more information please read our Amigo Bingo Review.

[fancy_header]Signup Bonus[/fancy_header]IWonBingo offers a $20 no deposit bingo bonus for free trial and they do have an amazing 300% first deposit bonus.

[fancy_header]Deposit Bonus[/fancy_header]IWonBingo.com offers a regular deposit bonus of up to 400% + 100% bbs.

[fancy_header] Jackpots[/fancy_header]I Won Bingo have great jackpots and just by looking at the winners page you can see there are multiple winners every day in bingo and slots.

[fancy_header]Game Variety[/fancy_header]IWonBingo offers bingo games in 75 balls only.

[fancy_header]Loyalty / Referral Rewards[/fancy_header]IWonBingo.com has a VIP Loyalty Program. To qualify for this additional bonus you will have to have your deposit-payout ratio less then 25% (deposits/payouts) and have a minimum of $250 in total deposits. As a VIP with payouts less than 25% earn an additional 100% for each deposit you make. VIP’s also earn an additional 100% participating in chat games.. As for Referral rewards they give 50% on every deposit your Bingo Buddies make for the 1st 60 days

[fancy_header]Support[/fancy_header]I Won Bingo offers email support only.

[fancy_header]Deposit / Payout Options[/fancy_header]IWonBingo has many Deposit Options including: Use My Wallet . Toggle Card . E Check . Insta Debit . Use My Bank . Eco Card . Ipoint . E Wallet Xpress and 900 Pay. As for Payout Options they offer: E Wallet Xpress . Insta Debit . Neteller.

[fancy_header]Graphics[/fancy_header]IWonBingo.com has nice site graphics but, not one of the best that we have seen.

[fancy_header]Software[/fancy_header]I Won Bingo is run on Parlay Software. They are one of the pioneers of online software and have all the features, including security that you will need to play online bingo.

[/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last]I Won Bingo

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[/check_list][/toggle] [fancy_header]Editor Scores[/fancy_header] [toggle title=”Signup Bonus”] [dropcap2]8.8[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Deposit Bonus”] [dropcap2]9.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Jackpots”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Game Variety”] [dropcap2]6.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Loyalty Rewards”] [dropcap2]8.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Support”] [dropcap2]8.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Deposit Options”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Graphics”] [dropcap2]8.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Software”] [dropcap2]9.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle variation=”primary_blue” title=”Overall Rating”] [dropcap4]8.5[/dropcap4] [/toggle]

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I Won Bingo

[/two_fifth_last] [fancy_header]Overall Rating[/fancy_header]

The Overall Rating for I Won Bingo is 8.6 which considered above average. We would like to see them offer a better loyalty program and more game variety, but the bonuses and jackpots are excellent.

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