Join the April Fools Bingo Special at Bingo Fest

April Fools BingoYou’d be a fool to miss out on fantastic low cost bingo fun at Bingo Fest on April Fools Bingo Special Day, Saturday April 1st. They are bringing players a fantastic mix of bingo games to play and fabulous cash prizes to be won as we play for card costs of only a Quarter, a Nickel or a Dime!

The April Fools Bingo Special Plays April 1st

The Bingo Fest Quarter, Nickel or Dime games are filled with bingo excitement and can be found in the Spring Bingo room at 5:00PM EDT on Saturday April 1st.

– Guaranteed $50 games with a card cost of a Quarter $0.25
– Starting $5 Games with a card cost of a Nickel $0.05
– Wiggle Bingo games with a card cost of a Dime $0.10

The April Fool’s Special, Quarter, Nickel or Dime games will play in rotation for two whole hours between 5:00PM EDT and 7:00PM EDT in the Spring Bingo room. With Guaranteed $50 games for only a Quarter, Starting $5 games for only a Nickel and our exciting Wiggle Bingo games that start with a prize pot of $5 that wiggles it way up to $50 as the numbers are called for only a Dime, there’s no better low cost bingo fun and excitement than our April Fool’s Special at BingoFest.

Pre-order your cards for the April Fool Special today