Join the Royal Wedding Bingo Fever at Bingo Australia

Royal Wedding Bingo FeverHear ye, Hear ye…! The occasion calls for an epic celebration, and just because we aren’t invited to the royal wedding doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate, right? The Royal Wedding Bingo Fever has started at Bingo Australia.

Get in on the Royal Wedding Bingo Fever

Sit back, make yourself some tea, and get ready to win big bucks this May as Australia Bingo bring you $60,000 of GUARANTEED PRIZES to be won in royal-themed bingo games. Look for the royal games carrying starting jackpots of $25-$150 CASH with an additional percentage based on purchased cards, royal games play in the main room once or twice every hour throughout the month. (Buy 15 GET 5 FREE)

Patterns Diamond Ring – Diamond – Wedding

Play dressed in your most festive attire (or your pajamas, not judging) and celebrate the royal wedding, bingo style. We won’t make it to Windsor Castle, but let’s bingo as if we were part of royalty.