South Beach Bingo Pit Stop

South Beach BingoPlay online games bingo at South Beach Bingo and take part in Pit Stop and win for both the Car Pattern and Stop Sign pattern. It’s your time to get the $200 bonus.

Every driver needs to make a pit stop once in a while, to refuel and make sure he is ready for another dozen laps around the circuit. Between September 23rd and September 28th, look for the special Car pattern in the Nickels room and the Stop Sign pattern in the Dimes room at South Beach Bingo. If you will gather both patterns and win 2 Get Cracking Bonus Rounds (Get Cracking Bonus and Sizzling Bonus), send the winning game numbers to and you’ll have the chance to win an amazing $200 bonus!

You can win the bonus prize as many times as you’d like, but make sure the winning game numbers are different. The final prizes will be credited on Monday, October 3rd.

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