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Help Clean up the Oceans with Bingo Fundraising at Instant Bingo

You can make a difference this week with some more bingo fundraising. You have probably heard about the dangerous microplastics that litter the oceans. These mostly come from 5 main “Ocean Garbage Patches” found across the globe in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Together you and Instant Bingo can reduce a staggering 50% of this debris within 5 years. …Read More

Help the Victims of the 2017 Storms with Instant Bingo

Would you like to help the victims of the 2017 storms? this year has witnessed the most active hurricane season on record, with those storms in September alone leaving countless people amidst a sea of devastation. Between the 2nd and 15th October Instant Bingo pledge to donate 10% of all deposits to those charities involved in providing aid to storm …Read More

Join the Instant Bingo Stars and Stripes Bingo Tournament

This week is dedicated to the mighty Stars and Stripes Bingo! Instant have got some amazing surprise rewards every single day between the 12th and the 18th of June, so all you have to do is play! Moreover on June 14th, the Flag Pattern comes with : + $350 prize in Desperate Housewives + $500 prize in Afterhours Lounge + …Read More

Cupids Free Million Dollar Bingo Party Now at Instant Bingo

You’re invited to join Instant Bingo for Cupids Free Million Dollar Bingo Party. This event is taking place between 8PM and 12AM EST on February 28th! Why is this a Million Dollar Bingo Party you may ask? Because they are celebrating all roomies loyalty and devotion to our community! They couldn’t do it without you, so take FREE CARDS on …Read More

Instant Bingo Black Diamond Dazzle Online Slots Tournament

Get your shine on for 4K cash! Welcome to the Instant Bingo Black Diamond Dazzle online slots tournament. Get ready to stack up the dollars in the most beautiful way possible as you spin the reels of the elegant Black Diamond Slots Game! Join the Bingo Black Diamond Dazzle for the Next 2 Weeks From March 28th until April 10th …Read More

Instant Bingo Wild Seven Showdown

Step into the Wild Seven Showdown at Instant Bingo! Spin to win the $4000 grand prize. All you have to do is collect points as you spin the reels of the Wild Sevens slots game. You’ll get 1 tournament point for every $10 you wager. The player with the most points takes home the grand prize. Remember, prizes are being …Read More

Instant Bingo All Stars Tournament

Start your own constellation and shoot for the moon in the Instant Bingo All Stars Tournament. This daily online bingo promotion is sure to have you flying high as you shoot for the stars! The fun takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Gather as many stars as possible as you try to win the CASH and BONUS prizes! Collecting …Read More

Instant Bingo Night Delight

Great nights are here to come! Instant Bingo have prepared a series of bingo delights for these chilly nights. Join in the Supernova Room from Thursday, January 15th to Wednesday, January 21st (except on Saturday) between 10 PM and 12 AM EST, for special games with prizes that go only UP adding $20 with every call at one of our …Read More

Celebrate Flag Day with Instant Bingo

Fly Your flag proud with Instant Bingo! Did you know that June 14th is known as Flag Day? Flag Day commemorates flags of all types, as well as the people that design and create them. Flags are symbols that represent countries, cities and states, so make sure you take time and learn about your favorite flag because every single one …Read More

Play Chocolate Coveralls at Instant Bingo

Instant Bingo is adding an extra drop of sugar to the month of December, because they want you to fully enjoy your bingo experience with them! So, since they are about to celebrate the National Brownie Day, Instant Bingo decided to coat this whole week in great prizes! The winners of the most Coveralls in our Fair & Square room …Read More
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