2-4-1 Bingo Knock Knock Lotto

Knock Knock LottoOnce a week luck and fortune will knock on your door as now your favorite numbers could win you some extra BBs from 2-4-1 Bingo in the Knock Knock Lotto promotion! Any single $50 deposit that you make any day from Friday through Wednesday, will give you the chance to pick 5 lottery numbers. We all love to play the lotto. We usually go out and buy a ticket once or twice a week. Well, now you have a chance to play in one more lottery without having to spend any extra money. Just make your usual deposit and you are ready to go.

The Knock Knock Lotto Contest is a Fan Favourite at 241 Bingo

Once your deposit is made, enter your numbers in the bingo lobby, then head over to the main room at 2pm every Thursday to find out if you were among the 2-4-1 Bingo lucky winners!

Every week you can find the lucky winners in their our blog!


241 Bingo Where All is Two for One

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