Dream Bingo Canada Fly High, Fly Low Bingo

Dream Bingo CanadaTime to face your flying fears this Wednesday November 17th at Dream Bingo Canada. The Chat Host will announce the Fly High, Fly Low game in the chat.

If you bingo at Dream Bingo Canada, you get to guess whether the first number out in the next game will be higher (fly high) or lower (fly low) than the number you won bingo on. If you’re right, you win 2 BBz. If you’re wrong, you still win 1 BBz. Nabors up and down each win 1 BBz when you win bingo. All players must meet the minimum card buy requirements and call “FLY” or “Nabors” in the chat to claim their BBz prizes.

Play Now at Dream Bingo Canada or read our online bingo review and join Fly High, Fly Low Bingo for your chance to guess right and win.

123 Bingo Online Christmas Sale

123 Bingo OnlineNow Thanksgiving is gone and Christmas is right around the corner…! And the Christmas sale is up in full flow on 123 bingo online! So, let’s go shopping…

Everyday, every 3 hours, shop like crazy in the Red Room at 123 Bingo Online. Bingo on the Bow-tie, Diamond Ring, Hat and Shoes patterns and win guaranteed jackpots of up to $800 everyday at 123 Bingo Online.

The player to shop all the four items (I.e. Player to bingo on all four patterns) in one day wins the special Christmas Gift Coupon worth 25 BBs. All four shopping patterns will play randomly 8 times a day i.e. once every 3 hours, everyday this month in the Red (Nickels) Room.

Play Now at 123 Bingo Online or read our online bingo review and join Christmas Sale for the $800 everyday at 123 Bingo Online.

South Beach Bingo Peace and Love Butterflies

South Beach Bingo

It’s time to Play online games bingo at South Beach Bingo between November 12th and November 17th because there are Lucky peace and love butterflies flying around.

Catch them by winning the butterfly pattern in the High Rollers room at South Beach Bingo. The player who wins the most of them between November 12th and November 17th will be credited with a $1,500 bonus prize and will also get a 350% bonus on the next 3 deposits of $75 or more. Purchase 12 cards, South Beach Bingo will give you 2 cards for free!

Play Now at South Beach Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Peace and Love Butterflies for your chance to win a $1,500 bonus prize.

Bingo Tropic Thanksgiving Power Hour Festival

Bingo TropicJoin Bingo Tropic for a great Thanksgiving celebration with huge cash presents. The smell of Turkey fills the air and cash is everywhere during the Thanksgiving Power Hour.

There is $7,500 up fro grabs in the Thanksgiving power hour at Bingo Tropic from Friday November 12th to Sunday November 14th.

From 10pm to 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. One solid hour each night with 10 great games and a huge $250 guaranteed prize each game. Packages on sale now. $25 could get you 5 cards each game. $75 could get you 15 cards each game. $125 could get you 25 cards each game. Get your packages early you could be rolling in holiday cash.

Play Now at Bingo Tropic or read our online bingo review and join Thanksgiving Power Hour Festival for your chance to win $7500 bingo prizes.

Jackpotjoy Bingo Escape To The Sun

Jackpotjoy BingoStarting from 00:00 10th November 2010 and ending at 23:59 10th November 2010, Jackpotjoy Bingo is holding the Royal Winter Getaways which you could win a holiday.

Well done to Karen P, who will soon be sipping Pina Coladas in the Caribbean!

Don’t forget Jackpotjoy Bingo still have three luxury holidays to be won so register for a chance to win next week’s draw where Jackpotjoy Bingo is giving away a Family Holiday to Orlando!

Play Now at Jackpotjoy Bingo or read our online bingo review and join the Escape To The Sun for you chance to win a Family Holiday to Orlando.

USA Bingo Out in 20

USA Bingo

USA Bingo has a full schedule of fun games going on all day long. On Mo’Money Mondays, Way-Out Wednesdays and FUNtastic Fridays from 4am to 6am you can play Out in 20.

Pick a number between 1 and 75. If it comes out in the first 20 calls, yell in chat ‘OUT IN 20’ and your number. If your number is the 1st ball out you win 5 bbz, 2-10 win 3 bbz, 11-20 win 2 bbz. Players may choose the same numbers But only 1 number will be excepted per game

So remember USA Bingo is the place for you to have fun all day long. Play Now at USA Bingo in the Out in 20 games or start off by reading online bingo reviews of USA Bingo.

Bingo for Money Pharaoh’s Lair

Bingo for MoneyPlay online bingo games at Bingo For Money now and visit the most popular King’s lairs, the pyramids where big prizes are waiting for you.

Between Nov 5th and Nov 10th win the Crazy Pyramid pattern in the Fair & Square, Nickels and Dimes rooms. Each room will give you points as follows; Fair & Square: 4pts, Nickels: 3pts and Dimes: 2pts.

The 3 players who have the most points can get the following prizes: 1st place is a $1,500 bonus, 2nd place is a $1,000 bonus and 3rd place is a $500 bonus.

Play Now at Bingo for Money or read our online bingo review and get ready to win big with the Pharaoh’s Lair.

Bingomania Parade of Stars

Bingomania UK

Everyone loves a parade, especially a Parade of the Stars featured now at Bingomania. Make their birthday your special day from November 4th til the 10th.

Several famous personalities were born this week (4 November – 10 November), so be on the lookout for some famous faces. Play every hour in the Linked UP games to wish them each a “Happy Birthday” and you could win some big birthday bonuses of your very own!

Whenever you win a Linked UP game you’ll win or share a bonus based on a celebrity birth year! Add up the last two numbers and you get the equivalent in bonus! So on 8 November, your bonus will be an extra £12 because Gordon Ramsay was born in 1966 (6+6)!

If the winning bingo number matches the celebrity’s birth year, you’ll win or share that amount in bonus! That means if you bingo on a ’74’ on November 4 (Louise Redknapp was born in 1974) we’ll award a whopping £74 Bonus! All bonuses will be automatically credited within 48 hours.

Play Now at Bingomania UK or read our online bingo review as there are new bonuses every day, so be sure to join the celebrations all this week at BingoMania UK. You could take home some bonus presents of your own!

BingoWorkz Player of the Day


BingoWorkz is now offering all bingo players a chance at special prizes for being the Player of the Day. You could be Next to win 25 bbs, $25 cash and a gift !

The Player of the Day is randomly drawn and will be announced in the BC room at 8PM every evening. The Player of the Day will receive random gifts, 25BBz and $25 Cash. There is also a Bonus For ALL! Starting at midnight the next day, every time the Player of the Day wins a bingo game, all players playing bingo will receive 3BB!!!!

Play Now at BingoWorkz or read our online bingo review and you could be the next Player of the Day!

Loonie Bingo Guaranteed Coveralls

Loonie Bingo

Loonie Bingo wants to know if you like to play Winner Takes All bingo games? There is a huge guaranteed jackpot for the nightly coverall games.

Every single night there is $500 up for grabs at Loonie Bingo. Get ready to play at 11pm as the jackpot tonight will go in 48 calls. If there is no winner than one more call will be added tomorrow.

Get started right away and Sign-up at Loonie Bingo to join in all the fun the Guaranteed Coverall games. Or you can read our online bingo reviews for more Loonie Bingo details.