Bingo Street Trollied £25

Bingo StreetWin a share of £25 cash totally FREE from Bingo Street! Simply deposit that day to enter the room & get your free cards for the game!

Do the Bingo Street supermarket sweep and win a trolley load of cash with our daily £25 jackpot game! It’s FREE to play, you just need to deposit that day to enter the room & claim your six cards!

The game plays seven days a week @ 10pm, and the room is open all day – so whether you deposit at 1 o’clock in the morning, or 9 o’clock at night, you can pop into the room to collect your cards anytime. Up for grabs is:

Fullhouse: £12.50 + 2 Lines: £7.50 + 1 Line: £5!

Fund your account Bingo Street before 9:50pm on the day of the game and you can play that day, but don’t worry, if you fund after that time you won’t miss out – you’ll simply be eligible to play the following day’s game – just make sure that you go and get your free cards straight after you’ve deposited, because you won’t be able to get back in the room after midnight. The room will open for the following days game straight after that day’s game has played? Sounds complicated? Promise it’s not! LOL

You’ll find the room in the Superbingomarket tab, so deposit now and claim your free cards TODAY!

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Find your way to win with Bingo Street

At Bingo Street you can be new to the neighbourhood, or a bona fide local. Either way, the friendly online bingo site is full of lighthearted chat, regular bingo bonuses, huge jackpot games and much more! Take a stroll down Bingo Street and enjoy FREE bingo, cheap bingo and big guaranteed cash jackpots.

Redbus Bingo Easter Eggstravaganza

Redbus BingoLadies and Gents Redbus Bingo have two egg-citing competitions with great prizes for you in the run up to Easter! Get your cameras at the ready – it’s time to get snapping. That’s right, they’re photo competitions – so entry is FREE!

For all you Londoners it’s quite simple! Find one of the eggs from The Big Egg Hunt and have your photo snapped with it, send the photo and your alias to angie @ and Redbus Bingo will put it on our facebook page.

Don’t worry they haven’t forgotten anyone who doesn’t live in London! Redbus Bingo want photos from you with your best egg (preferably decorated, it’s time to get arty!) Send your photo and alias to angie @ and they will get your photo up on facebook as well!

Of course you want to know the prize? An egg….only yolking! The winner of each competition WINS A THORNTONS CLASSICS EASTER EGG and 5000jps ! The 9 runners up for each competition WIN A THORNTONS CHOCOLATE CHARACTER and 1000jps! Look out for our eggstraordinary albums on facebook, they will be egging you on!

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Jump on the Redbus bingo to big bingo fun

RedBus Bingo is one of the leading bingo sites on the web and quite simply, one bus you won’t want to miss!

Bingomania Around the World in 8 Days

Bingomania UK

Travel Around the World in 8 Days just by winning Challenge Games at Bingomania! There is a total of £800 in Cash prizes to 8 lucky Travellers! Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous story, Bingomania is offering players a chance at £800 in cash prizes by travelling Around the World in 8 Days!

Until 24 February you can travel between 8 cities by Train or Boat by winning any part of a Jules Verne Challenge game to complete your world voyage. It’s a long trip, so you’ll need four Train wins and four Boat wins to make it Around the World one time.

If you manage to cross the globe at least once, you’ll become a First Class Traveller and earn one entry to the draw for one of four prizes of £200 cash. You’ll also earn one additional entry each time you make the complete trip again!

Even if you can’t make the full journey you’ll have a chance to win one of four Passenger Class £50 cash prizes if you complete the Bingomania Jules Verne Challenge at least once by winning one Train and one Boat game.

Keep track your progress on the Around the World Map promotions page, via the Promotions link under the “?” icon on your bingo screen. You’ll see which cities you’ve travelled between as well as which games you need to win to complete your trip.

The Train and Boat Challenge games play twice every hour in Money Tree and Lucky Streak between 6am and 1am GMT. Players will still earn £5 Bonus each time they complete the Challenge by winning any part of both the Train and Boat games.

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Bingomania is a 13 year old online bingo site

Online bingo fun is what it is all about. Join Bingomania and start winning big and making friends today.

Wink Bingo £500 Flirty Feb

Wink Bingo

Get the bling you love with Wink Bingo £500 Flirty Feb tourney! Have a quick Wink or two & you could earn a share of £500 jewellery vouchers!

Get ready ladies…watch out gents! It’s a leap year which means this Feb is extra fab & flirty & anything goes 😉 And as we all know, a cheeky Wink will get you everywhere! Plus, if you play it right, you might even pick up a jewellery voucher along the way with our £500 Flirty Feb bingo & IG tourney!

The tournament runs from the 16th – 26th Feb & for a chance to really bling it up, simply keep playing your favourite bingo & instant games on Wink! Each time you carry out one of the actions below you’ll automatically gain points, & you can keep track of your progress on the leader board on the Wink Bingo website!

£1 wager on ANY instant game = 1 point
Bingo on the Diamond or Crown patterns = 2 points
Bingo on the number #29 = 2 points
Wager 50p on any 75 ball game = 2 points
Wager 50p on any 90 ball game = 2 points

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Wink Bingo is the UK’s fastest growing bingo site

Hope you’re ready for lots of fun at the best UK bingo site around. Happy gaming from Wink Bingo!

Bingo on the Box Olympic Jackpot

Bingo On The BoxOn your marks, get set… win with Bingo on the Box! Join the race for winnings at the monthly Olympic Jackpot game. Deposit £10 or more to be in the running for the coveted gold prize… a ticket to the Olympic Jackpot game.

The ceremonial game is held on the 15th at 8:35pm (GMT) in Day Dreamer. The more you deposit, the more tickets you’ll receive, putting you in pole position for a gold medal! There’s a guaranteed prize pot of £500 to compete for, so limber up and prepare to profit at the Bingo On The Box monthly Olympics.

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Bingo on the Box – as seen on TV

This is the fastest growing bingo experience on the web and TV. Grab you £15 free Bingo Bonus Money and start winning today with Bingo on the Box.

Instant Bingo Disco Glam

Instant Bingo

Disco Glam is part of the Fashion Week special promotion going on all week at Instant Bingo. Prepare your wedges, mini dress and your fancy hairstyle and free yourself on the dance floor!

Get all the entertainment you need in the Instant Bingo Dollar bingo room, with amazing fixed prize games this week! The total amount of prizes per hour will increase every day accordingly:

Saturday, February 18th: 6 PM – 7 PM EST – $1,500 cash
Sunday, February 19th: 7 PM – 8 PM EST – $2,500 cash
Monday, February 20th: 8 PM – 9 PM EST – $3,500 cash
Tuesday, February 21st: 9 PM – 10 PM EST – $4,500 cash

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Play and Win for Instant Fun at Instant Bingo

Play bingo, slots and other cool games with your US$25 free bingo bonus when you sign up at Instant Bingo.

Bingo: A Minds Game

Bingo Reviews

When talking about bingo, no, we are not being ironic or sarcastic. Whilst many people consider bingo to be a game of great simplicity, the intellectual power needed to play it has been significantly underestimated. Does having a good brain mean that you are likely to be a better new bingo player? Here we will examine that question.

Firstly an admission; we are really referring to bingo as it was played at bingo halls rather than online. Playing bingo online still has a number of challenges, but they are dwarfed by the challenge of playing bingo in a bingo hall; people who think otherwise will have never visited one.

Bingo is More Challenging Than You Think

Enter a bingo hall mid-game and you will discover a group of people as intense as you would find in any school or university exam room. Heads bowed, concentration intense, bingo dauber tightly gripped, ears pinned waiting for the next call. As the game progresses so too does the general level of adrenalin, which is raised by the excitement of being just a number or so away from a win along with the fear of missing a winning line. It is very easy to lose a won game of bingo; just one little mental slip is all it takes. It is hardly surprising that the popularity of online bingo fell when the smoking ban was introduced.

In the olden days of live bingo halls (modern bingo halls are not quite the same, there is too many electronic aids to help you play) seasoned players would play multiple cards simultaneously and never once drop a number.

Time moves on. Today most of us log on to play, and when we do the game will even play automatically.

The Future is Online Bingo

Although online bingo is not the mind game that live bingo used to be, it is still enjoyed by many people with brains. Being bright doesn’t reduce your chances of winning and you will often find university lecturers amongst published lists of online bingo winners. Finally where to play, now that really is a no-brainer. Just hop over to Mecca bingo at

The Final Countdown at Astro Bingo

Astro BingoAstro Bingo is offering not one, not two, but three progressive jackpots this hour. All of them start out being pretty hard to win, but they get easier over time. Who knows how high they will climb?

It’s Triple Progressive Jackpot hour, when all games will feature THREE progressives that just get easier to win as time ticks by! Play for one, play for all at AstroBingo.

The super size PJP etarts at £1000 cash on call 46 and keeps on growing. The two line t (TLT) Jackpot is featured on the Two Outside Lines pattern and always starts the session at £100 with 22 calls to jackpot. With each game, the prize drops £10 but the calls to jackpot increases by one!

The triple progressive extra PJP gets larger and easier to win each day that it’s not won. This progressive starts at £100 within 46 calls or less. Each day that the jackpot is not won, £10 is added to the jackpot and 1 is added to the number of calls. When the Astro Bingo jackpot is won, the values reset and the fun starts all over again. This jackpot is awarded as half cash, half bonus.

These are all part of the daily bingo events going on at Astro Bingo.

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Online Bingo from the Comfort of Your Home with Astro Bingo

Fun games, tons of contests with awesome prizes is what you can expect when you play online bingo at Astro bingo.

Tasty Bingo £15K Love Pot

Tasty BingoThe Tasty Bingo Joy Pot’s back and it’s lovelier than ever! Let Joy sweep you off your feet this Valentine’s Day for your chance to win £15,000 cash at Tasty Bingo on Tuesday 14th February.

You’ll fall head over heels for Joy if you win a tasty slice of the £15,000 Joy Love Pot! Play for a share of this cash jackpot on Valentine’s Day @ 10pm at Tasty Bingo!

There are 3 loverrrrly lines waiting to be won & more chances for you to win a BIG cash stash absolutely FREE! Mwah!

Fullhouse: £10,000
2 lines: £3,000
1 line: £2,000

To earn FREE cards into the game simply carry out various actions at Tasty Bingo or any of five Joy sites! Read all the details below:

Each year, the Joy Pot is filled with £100,000. This pot of gold is then separated into a number of games that play throughout the year on the Joy sites. Every time you play on Wink, Posh, Tasty Bingo, Bingo Street and RedBus you’ll be earning FREE Pot Credits into the game. Before the game plays, all the Pot Credits you have accumulated across each site will be merged and the total balance will be automatically converted into FREE cards.

You can earn free cards into the game until 23:59 on Sunday 5th February. Your credits can only be merged if you use the same email address for all your accounts on Wink, Posh, Tasty, Bingo Street and RedBus. You can go to My Details on the Member’s page of each site to edit your info. If you do not change your email addresses so that they are the same across all your accounts by 23:59 on Sunday 5th February, we will be unable to merge your credits.

You MUST have an account on Tasty before 23:59 on Sunday 5th February to play the game, but you do not have to fund your account. You can increase your chances of winning by purchasing £2 cards into the game but you can ONLY buy cards on the host site, which this time will be Tasty. Every time you sign into your accounts, your Pot Credits balance on your Member’s page will be updated.

The next game plays on Tasty Bingo on Tuesday 14th February 2012 @ 10pm!

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Tasty Bingo is the tastiest and freshest online bingo.

For the definitive bingo experience, Tasty Bingo truly is one of the top bingo sites on the web!

Bingo for Money Capital of Romance

Bingo For MoneyBingo for Money wants to know what better place to visit on Valentine’s Day than Paris? Surprise your lover and make him feel wonderful by discovering Paris by your side.

You will see that this will remain one of your favorite memories, along with the fixed prize games in the Bingo for Money Dollar bingo room! The total amount of prizes per hour will increase every day, as follows:

Saturday, February 11th: 6 PM – 7 PM EST – $4,000 cash
Sunday, February 12th: 7 PM – 8 PM EST – $5,000 cash
Monday, February 13th: 8 PM – 9 PM EST – $6,000 cash
Tuesday, February 14th: 9 PM – 10 PM EST – $7,000 cash

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Bingo for Money is just for all you money players

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