Amigo Bingo Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt

Amigo Bingo

Join the Amigo Bingo Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt this long weekend from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th November!

Catch as many turkey patterns as you can from 12pm – 6pm and earn one entry to the Amigo Bingo Thanksgiving Raffle each time you hunt one down. On Monday 26th November we will raffle out this fantastic Sterling Silver heart tag bracelet between all the participants in this contest.

Prebuys will be available as of the 21st November in the evening. Good luck everyone! Let the hunt begin…

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Join all your Friends when you Play at Amigo Bingo

If you would like some more information please first read our Amigo Bingo Review or maybe check out some new bingo sites and find a new place to play online bingo. Amigo Bingo wants to thank all loyal players for an awesome 10 years and if you are not a member, join today and see why they are the best online bingo site!

Eyes Down £5K Hourly Bingo Game

Eyes Down Bingo

The Gorgeous £5,000 Hourly Bingo Game is now on at Eyes Down Bingo. Every day at the top of each hour from 9am to 12am in the Lucky Streak and Money Tree rooms, you get a chance to win a gorgeous £5K Bingo Game with a minimum £75 prize. That’s 16 chances at £5,000 every single day from Eyes Down.

Prize: £5,000 min. £75
Card / Ticket: Only £0.25 per card / ticket
Pre-Buy: Available. Buy Now For The Next Game
When: Daily at the top of the hour from 9am to 12am
Style: 75 Number during even hours and 90 Ball odd hours

Play Now at Eyes Down Bingo or read our online bingo review and great ready for some of the best bingo contests anywhere.

Keep Your Eyes Down to Win at Eyes Down Bingo

For all the details on the super UK bingo site please read our Eyes Down Bingo Review. Your £10 no deposit bonus can be used to try any of the online bingo games available at Eyes Down Bingo so whether your preference is 75 ball pattern bingo or multi-line 90 ball bingo you can try them both for free before making a deposit at Eyes Down Bingo.

Vics Bingo Ballroom Dancing Contest

Vics Bingo

This week the Vics Bingo has a Ballroom Dancing Contest that you are not going to want to miss. The turkey trot, modeled on that bird’s characteristic short, jerky steps, was one of a number of popular dance styles that emerged during the late 19th and early 20th century in the United States. The two-step, a simple dance that required little to no instruction has quickly expanded in all the country and on all the music that was popular at the time.

Between November 16th and November 21st, from 5 PM to 6 PM EST, look for letters that spell out the word “DANCE” in the Vics Bingo Penny Room! All you need to do is send the set of the 5 winning game numbers to promotions @ and your account will be credited with an amazing $50 in bonus!

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Vics Bingo has Easy to Play Games with Big Jackpots

Read our online bingo review of Vics Bingo for all the details on this great USA bingo site. All you need to start playing bingo online is to get started, register and get ready for some online bingo. It’s just as easy, safe and fun as real-time bingo but far more accessible. Play online bingo anytime and anywhere at Vics Bingo.

ChitChat Bingo Gadgets Galore

Chitchat Bingo

Take a spin to win one of these ten great gadgets from Chitchat Bingo. They are kicking off the Christmas buzz by giving away ten great gadgets for you to enjoy or wrap up and stick under the tree. Chitchat Bingo have glorious gadget prizes including a 3D TV, a Laptop, an iPod and an Andriod Tablet … there really is no excuse to miss out!

How to Enter – They will give you FIVE Points for every £100 played on ANY of our games (EXCLUDING BINGO) between Monday 5th – Sunday 25th November.

The Prizes
1st Place – 3D TV value at £600 (or £420 cash)
2nd Place – Laptop valued at £450 (or £315 cash)
3rd Place – Android Tablet valued at £700 (or £280 cash)
4th Place – Home Cinema System valued at £300 (or £210)
5th Place – PlayStation 3 valued at £250 (or £175 cash)
6th Place – iPod Touch 5th Generation valued at £429 (or £17 cash)
7th Place – Wi-Fi Digital Camera valued at £200 (or £140 cash)
8th Place – Coffee Machine valued at £150 (or £105 cash)
9th Place – iPod Nano valued at £130 (or £90 cash)
10th Place – Satellite Navigation System valued at £100 (or £70 cash)

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Play Chitchat Bingo for Awesome Prizes

Read our Chitchat online bingo review for more details on this great UK bingo site. With brand new promotions every week (including their 200% sign up bonus), ChitChat Bingo aims to please.

Bingo Francais Fabrique au Paradis

Bingo Francais

Chaque soirée est fabriqué au Paradis dans la salle City Room. Votre tâche pour cette heure de jumelage est de surveiller les chiffres SIX et SEPT pour accomplir la prophétie “Soixante Sept fabriqué au Paradis”.

Si vous faites bingo sur ces 2 figures, vous pouvez demander un extra 25 BBs! Pour les réclamer, ouvrez un billet d’aide en y notant le numéro de partie et le nom du jeu “67 Fabriqué au Paradis”. Vous pouvez aussi demander un extra 10 BBs si vous faites bingo avec le numéro 67 sur n’importe laquelle des figures. Vous + Extra BBs = définitivement un jumelage qui vient du Paradis et Bingo Francais!

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Bienvenue sur Bingo Francais en Ligne

Bingo français est l’un des meilleurs sites de bingo en ligne. Nos hôtesses sont 100% québécoises. Plusieurs salles de bingo en ligne virtuelles sont mises à votre disposition. Venez apprécier notre bingo en ligne et préparez, vous à crier Bingo à Bingo Francais!.

Bingo Sky Veterans Day Special

Bingo Sky

BingoSky are going crazy for the number 11, and so should you! It’s the eleventh day of the eleventh month and they are going to make it a special one.

Join the fun in the BingoSky USA Bingo Room on Sunday November 11th for our Veteran’s Day Special Game. This Game will kick off at 11 PM ET and will consist of a three part game awarding 11 hundred per part ($1,100/$1,100/$1,100.) You cannot miss out on this outstanding event full of 11s, so make sure that you are ready to bingo our Veteran’s Day related patterns!

Go ahead and pre-order your cards for just $3!

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Bingo Sky Where Your Bingo Winnings are Sky High

Read our bingo review of Bingo Sky for more info on this awesome USA bingo site. Enjoy the wonderful bingo world full of unique patterns, incredible jackpots and exciting chat games from which you can earn additional BBs when you play at Bingo Sky.

Canadian Dollar Bingo Massive Pick a Prize Contest

Canadian Dollar Bingo

Play any of the Canadian Dollar Bingo patterns in November and you could be off enjoying SEVEN nights in Cancun, rolling in $2,000 of cash, enjoying a 64″ 3D HDTV or making over your whole living room!

Every win on ANY pattern will earn you an entry to the Grand Prize Draw! So this month you can play bingo from as little as $0.05 to the usual $0.25 a card at any hour of the day and earn your entries at any time of the day!

On top of that, the Canadian Dollar Bingo Special $125 Pick a Prize patterns will keep playing from 8pm – 11pm four times each hour and hand out Over $50,000 in Prizes this month as well!

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Canadian Dollar Bingo is Bingos First Canadian Dollar Game

Read our bingo review and start off with $20 Free. Get 500% on every deposit and 10% back every month. What more could you ask for from an online bingo site. It’s all right here at Canadian Dollar Bingo.

Posh Team Bingo

Posh Bingo

Why play Posh Team Bingo? It makes perfect sense really. The more bingo you play, the more points your team earns, the more bingo buddies you make. You don’t have to do anything except for the one thing you love most… play bingo. Plus you stand a chance to win FREE bonus points from Posh Bingo!

How to play Posh Team Bingo? It’s all about team spirit at Posh! And we’re all for setting trends, so instead of choosing your team, we randomly place you in a team and change it every two weeks. Not only does this help you to make more friends, but it also gives everyone a fair chance of pairing up with a winning dream bingo team, whether you are on the side of the gods or goddesses! All you have to do is play bingo as many times as you can in the two weeks and the winning dream bingo team will be the one that bingos the most at the end of the two week period. If there is a tie, the team that bingos the most on the ‘Letter P’ pattern will win the main prize. At the end of the two weeks the scores will return to zero and the teams will be reshuffled. Winners will be announced in the winners mailer, their accounts will be credited and the leader board will be updated daily.

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Play Bingo in Style, Play at Posh Bingo

Please read our online bingo review of Posh Bingo and get ready for some amazing bingo prizes. Don’t miss out on the vast selection of bonuses and free bingo in addition to a 250% bonus on your first deposit. With so many great prizes and opportunities to play bingo and win, Posh Bingo truly is the ultimate online bingo site!