Amigo Bingo Smart TV Giveaway

Amigo Bingo Smart TV GiveawayThere is still time to play and win in the Amigo Bingo Smart TV Giveaway. Join in the fun until February 29th and you could be watching your life on high definition at the end of the month.

The Bingo Smart TV Giveaway is Now on at Amigo Bingo

Every time you win one of the ‘65” TV Bingo Patterns’ you will get 1 point into the weekly ranking. The top 5 players of each week will get amazing bingo promotion prizes.

Other awesome prizes include:

+ $250 Diamond and Emerald White Gold Ring
+ $150 Diamond and Amethyst Tanzanite Necklace
+ $100 Blue Diamond Prong Cluster Earring

If Bingo is not your thing Amigo Bingo still have you covered. Check out the promotion page and the casino games that qualify and start collecting your entries! Good luck and let us know if you win the 65″ smart tv from Amigo.

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Vics Bingo Mid-Day Specials

Vics bingo Mid-Day SpecialsTake A break, relax and roll in the bingo riches at Vics Bingo! Get ready to put the luck inside your lunch break with the bingo Mid-Day Specials online bingo event, hosted every day in both the Dollar and Quarter Rooms!

Huge Fixed Pots in the Bingo Mid-Day Specials at Vics Bingo

Enjoy 3 straight hours packed with all the online bingo excitement that you love every day from Monday through Sunday!

Play in the Dollar Room from 12 PM to 2 PM EST for 2 hours of $500 fixed pots games.

Play in the Quarter Room from 2 PM to 3 PM EST for 1 hour of $100 fixed pots games.

See you at Vics Bingo Bingo for the mid-day specials.

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Bingo Sky Valentine Bingo Tourney

Valentine Bingo TourneyIt’s time to share the bingo love in February and play for a share of $3,000 in fabulous prizes in the Bingo Sky Valentines Bingo Tourney. With prizes for the top 20 players and a fantastic $1,000 cash for the Valentine’s Bingo Tourney winner, there’s bingo love for everyone.

The Valentine Bingo Tourney is Now on at Bingo Sky

The Valentine Bingo Tourney will play in the Valentine bingo room between Monday February 8th and Sunday February 21st, 2 weeks filled with Valentine bingo fun and excitement and best of all $1,000 in cash to be won by the no deposit bingo tourney winner.

Look out for the Bingo Sky special valentine bingo games that will play once an hour, every hour on the valentine bingo patterns. Valentine Bingo games have a card cost of just $0.50 a card and each time you win one of these special games, you will be credited with one (1) tourney point. The more times that you win, the higher you will climb up the Valentines Bingo Tourney leader board to win fantastic prizes.

With a share of $3,000 in prizes to be won by the top 20 players who win the most valentine bingo games and $1,000 cash for the tourney winner, join in the Valentine bingo fun and share some Valentine bingo love with your roomies.

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Bingo Hall High 5 Bingo

High 5 Bingo HallYour lucky ball is on the 5th call! Get ready to play in the Bingo Hall High 5 Bingo promotion and enjoy the best bingo action. Join in all of the online bingo rooms from February 1st to February 7th and play the best speed games with the biggest prizes. Every day, Bingo Hall will feature 2 hours of special games, with special (HUGE) prizes on every 5th call.

High 5 Bingo Promotion has Huge Prizes at Bingo Hall

Just take a look at each room’s schedule and join the 2 special hours to win the most incredible prizes! Don’t forget! The more you play, the more they pay!

$2,000 on every 5th call (guaranteed $200)

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (9 – 11 PM EST – except Saturday)
$500 on every 5th call (guaranteed $50)

$1,000 on every 5th call (guaranteed $100)

$1,000 on every 5th call (guaranteed $100)

See you at Bingo Hall for the High 5 bingo promo. Bingogals has the best USA bingo sites.

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