Bingo Fest 12 Days For Christmas

12 Days For ChristmasPlay 12 Days For Christmas bingo games at Bingo Fest between December 13th and December 24th and bingo on the winning bingo number, you could win 25BBs each time. Don’t miss it out.

We could all use a little extra cash around the holiday season. There is always an extra gift that we need to buy or an extra donation that we need to make. If we just had a little but more, it would always make the Christmas holidays a little bit better.

The 12 Days For Christmas Bingo is Starting Soon

Start counting those days down until Christmas whilst loading your account with more Bingo Bucks. Let’s join together this year and all take home a few extra dollars from our favourite bingo site.

The Chat Game Special at Bingo Fest will play in the Christmas Bingo Room from December 13th till December 24th. Each countdown day represents a winning bingo number, for example, on the 12th day of Christmas, the player who Bingos on B12 will win 25BBs. We hope that we will see you there soon!

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Bingo For Money Sparkling Angels

Sparkling AngelsThe Sparkling Angels bingo promotion is coming soon. Play online games bingo at Bingo For Money between December 12th and December 14th, you could have the chance to win up to $3,000.00. Don’t miss it out. It is the holiday season, which means it is the time for giving. Visit b4m to get your holiday hare of cash.

Visit the Sparkling Angels for a Bingo Special

Grab your best friend, get out and see who’s able to make the most beautiful snow angel. Take pride in your perfect creation by joining the Dollar bingo room at Bingo For Money. On Monday, December 12th, Tuesday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 14th, between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST get ready for the famous reverse coverall games that can reach up to $3,000. The prize for the first 45 calls is $300, but from the 46th, it will be raised by an additional $90, so come play and make your wildest dreams come true.

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Bingo for Money is for Money Bingo Players

Whenever you are ready to start winning big money playing online bingo than head over to Bingo for Money and grab your free USA bingo bonus.

Amigo Bingo Extra Bonuses

Bingo Extra BonusesPlay online games bingo at Amigo Bingo every day this December, you could get some bingo extra bonuses for more chances to win the bingo prizes for this Christmas. This is an early Christmas present from your favourite bingo site. We all like to be remembered at this time of year and we all appreciate a little help as we do need some extra cash to make those special purchases.

Receive Extra Bonuses every day in December. Join the Amigo Bingo family this Christmas and get more for your money.

The Amigo Bingo Extra Bonuses will make You Smile

On top of the minimum 500% bonus you get extra bonuses on every deposit. The extra bonuses is up to $600 witch you can check the promotions page at Amigo Bingo for he details.

Extra Bonuses are only for players under 75% ratio. Players with Payouts on Wednesday do not qualify for the extra bonus offer. Each offer ends at Midnight of its respective day. Make sure that you don’t miss this offer.

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Astro Bingo Daily Christmas Gift

Daily Christmas GiftCelebrate Christmas with Astro Bingo every day from December 1st to December 21st and you could win up to £10 Bonus daily and a chance to win the Daily Christmas Gift.

Each day you make a deposit of £10 or more at Astro Bingo you’ll be eligible to open the corresponding door on the Christmas Advent Calendar and win a random amount of bonus. Behind every door is a guaranteed prize of up to £10 Bonus, so all you need to do to win is deposit and then open the door.

Get Ready for a Daily Christmas Gift from Astro Bingo

If you qualify on all 21 days, you’ll receive a special Christmas Gift on December 22nd. Just visit the Calendar on or after that date and click on the present to claim an extra £50 Bonus.

Also, Astro Bingo is giving away an even bigger Christmas Gift every night at 9pm. Everyone who makes a qualifying deposit before 9pm will be automatically entered into the draw to win that day’s Gift. You don’t have to open your daily door in order to be eligible, but if you want a chance at the Daily Gift you need to deposit at least £10 before 9pm.

Even Santa won’t know what each Daily Gift will be. It could be cash, an iPod, jewellery, a TV… The only way to find out is to visit the Calendar page at Astro Bingo after 9pm to see what what it is. Be sure to check back each night after 9pm to see if you’re the winner.

You have until December 31st to open any doors that you’ve qualified for. After that, all unclaimed bonuses (and the £50 Bonus) will disappear.

There are 21 spectacular prizes just waiting to be opened, and a sleigh-full of Bonus waiting to be claimed, so get into the Christmas spirit early this year and experience the gift of winning every day.

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Online Bingo from Your Home with Astro Bingo

Fun games, tons of contests with awesome prizes is what you can expect when you play online bingo at Astro bingo. If you are from the UK then you need to make yourself familiar with this very popular bingo site.

Dream Bingo UK Warm Winter Wishes Giveaway

Winter Wishes GiveawayCome and snuggle up to play the Warm Winter Wishes Giveaway games at Dream Bingo UK between December 1st and December 16th with 5784 BBz to be won. Don’t miss it out.

How to play? Make yourself a warm cup of tea, take a seat and take part to maximise your Bingo play and Winnings at Dream Bingo UK.

Win some Bbz in the Winter Wishes Giveaway at Dream

Promotion games will be played daily at Dream Bingo UK, so check the Game Schedule for details.

In the 90 Ball Room, Full House winners at the special Warm Winter Wishes Giveaway games will win 4 BBz. Nabors won’t miss out, win 2 BBz.

In the 75 Ball Room, Play Warm Winter Wishes Giveaway in the 75 Ball room and create our unique W pattern to be the lucky Jackpot winner and a 4 BBz winner. Nabors also win 2 BBz.

BBz prizes will be credited automatically after a win.

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Live the dream at Dream Bingo UK

For more information on this very popular UK bingo site please read our Dream Bingo online bingo review. When you register here you will become a fully fledged Bingo Dreamer with your very own Dream Bingo UK nickname and can start playing right away. Dive right in and check out one of the 75 or 90 ball bingo games, get to know other Bingo Dreamers by chatting in the special Bingo Rooms and meet the cheerful Chat Hosts too. At Dream Bingo UK everyone is a Bingo fan.

Vics Bingo A Night In Front Of The Fireplace

fireplace bingoPlay online games bingo at Vics Bingo and play the fireplace bingo pattern games, you could have the chance to be the five winner win up to $500 bonus. Don’t miss it out.

Whether you use it for a romantic evening or a night of storytelling with the little ones, investing in a fire place is really worth it. And for you to be truly happy, try and win the games. Between December 2nd and December 7th Vics Bingo is going to run a special bingo raffle for all those who win at least one of the Fireplace pattern games that will be featured in our Dollar room in the above mentioned timeframe. So play and win and you will be able to get an entry for this random selection.

Join the Fireplace Bingo Games at Vics

Vics Bingo will select 5 winners and they will win as below: One winner will get $500 bonus, Two winners will get $250 bonus each and Two winners will get $125 bonus each.


Vics Bingo has Easy to Play Games with Big Jackpots

Read our online bingo review of Vics for all the details on this great USA bingo site. All you need to start playing bingo online is to get started, register and get ready for some online bingo. It’s just as easy, safe and fun as real-time bingo but far more accessible. Play online bingo anytime and anywhere at Vics Bingo.

Bingo Sky Red Ball

Red Ball BingoPlay online games bingo at Bingo Sky and call a bingo on a Red Ball Bingo this Monday December 5th in the Christmas Room from 11am to 12pm ET and you’ll win up to 15BBs.

Bingo on a Red Ball and have a chance to win up to 15 BBs at Bingo Sky. This special will be played on Monday, December 5th, and only will count on games in Christmas Room from 11am to 2pm ET. Please note for multi-part games, wins count on part 3 Only.

Win Some Money in Your Christmas Stocking with Red Ball Bingo

To be eligible to win extra BBs you must do the following. First, Bingo on any Red Ball (16-30) in Christmas Room during the specified time frame. (part 3 only for multi-part games) Second, Send email with subject Red Ball to chatadmin ( with your alias and game number included.

Bingo on 16 to 20 will win you 5 BBs. Bingo on 21 to 25 will win you 10 BBs. Bingo on 26 to 30 will win you 15 BBs.

All players who send in email and are confirmed as Red Ball winners will receive credit to their account within 24 hrs.

You can be eligible as many times as a bingo is won on a Red Ball. However if more than one card wins on the same game, you will only qualify once for that game. Free games are excluded.


Bingo Sky Where Your Bingo Winnings are Sky High

Read our USA bingo review of Bingo Sky for more info on this awesome USA bingo site. Enjoy the wonderful bingo world full of unique patterns, incredible jackpots and exciting chat games from which you can earn additional BBs when you play at Bingo Sky.

Tasty Bingo £800 Xmas Cracker

Xmas Cracker BingoHoping to find something really special in your Xmas cracker bingo this year? Tasty Bingo have got top Xmas prizes to be won and £300 cash to be won. Don’t miss it out.

This Christmas, Tasty Bingo is filling its Xmas crackers with top prizes that even the most luxury of stores won’t be able to compete with. Every Sunday from December 4th to December 25th at 9:45pm, Tasty Bingo is giving you the chance to win a different top Xmas present and £300 Cash Absolutely Free on Xmas Day.

Xmas Cracker Bingo Could Mean a Nice Surprise

Week 1, £800 Xmas Cracker is play on Sunday December 4th at 9:45pm. Be the first to bingo on the Xmas Hamper pattern to win a luxury Christmas Hamper worth £100.

Week 2, £800 Xmas Cracker is play on Sunday December 11th at 9:45pm. Be the first to bingo on the Xmas Snowflake to win £150 Spa Vouchers.
Cards cost 2p

Week 3, £800 Xmas Cracker is play on Sunday December 18th at 9:45pm. Be the first to bingo on the Xmas Tree pattern to win an Acer Netbook worth £200.

Week 4, £800 Xmas Cracker is play on Sunday December 25th at 9:45pm. Be the first to bingo on the Xmas Cracker pattern to win £300 cash for Free.

Play Now at Tasty Bingo or read our online bingo review and join £800 Xmas Cracker for the bingo prizes.

Eyes Down Bingo £5,000 Yeti Challenge

Yeti ChallengePlay online games bingo at Eyes Down Bingo and take part in the £5,000 Yeti Challenge, you could have the chance to win a share of the £5,000 bingo prizes.

For thousands of years there have been legends of a lumbering ape-like creature roaming the harsh Himalayan mountain region. The Tibetans call him “Yeti”, but the rest of the world knows him as: The Abominable Snowman. He’s an elusive, secretive creature, leaving behind no evidence of his existence beyond some monstrous footprints in the snow.

The Yeti Challenge for Nice Prizes

The Yeti has made a rare appearance for the latest Challenge at Eyes Down Bingo and has left behind two new games: Yeti Mountain and Yeti Footprint. Join Eyes Down Bingo as Eyes Down Bingo stalk the Yeti twice an hour from 6am to 1am in Lucky Streak and Money Tree.

When you complete the Challenge by capturing wins in Both games on any part, you’ll earn £5 Bonus and the Yeti Badge for your badge board. You’ll also be able to join Eyes Down Bingo for the Challenge Tournament games, playing at 9pm in Madhouse every Thursday night. Even better, for every pair of wins (both games) you’ll earn another £5.

The £5,000 Yeti Challenge games are play from November 25th to December 8th. Don’t miss it out.

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Keep Your Eyes Down to Win at Eyes Down Bingo

For all the details on the super UK bingo site please read our Eyes Down Bingo Review. Your £10 no deposit bonus can be used to try any of the online bingo games available at Eyes Down Bingo so whether your preference is 75 ball pattern bingo or multi-line 90 ball bingo you can try them both for free before making a deposit at Eyes Down Bingo.

Littlewoods Bingo £15,000 Monster Bingo

Monster BingoHave you heard about the brand new Monster Bingo promotion that is starting soon? Make deposits and play online games bingo at Littlewoods Bingo on Wednesday November 30th, you could have the chance to win a share of the £15,000. Don’t miss it out. If you are looking for one of the biggest bingo jackpots of the week or maybe even the month, look no further than this super popular bingo site. All UK bingo players are welcome to come and join.

Don’t be Scared to Play Monster Bingo

MonsterBingo at Littlewoods Bingo is back with a whopping £15,000 to be won in a single game. Join Littlewoods Bingo in the Bingo Cafe from 9pm and grab a share of this monstrous pot. Pre-Buy now to make sure you’re in for the money.

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Littlewoods Bingo is the name you can trust

Play online bingo at Littlewoods Bingo and you’ll be rewarded for you loyalty through our fantastic loyalty points scheme. For bingo fans everywhere, you can enjoy brilliant bingo games on internet bingo sites where jackpot dreams are made. Simply play bingo online today at Littlewoods Bingo!