Bingo Australia Witch-ful Hallo-WIN Event

Bingo AustraliaPlay Halloween night Bingo, you’re sure to have a fright with over $30,000 Up for Grabs at Bingo Australia! Cast a spell for bingo wealth on October 31st at 8pm and until 11pm in the ‘Witch/Main Room’ with two hours of MASSIVE GUARANTEED WICKED JACKPOTS and walk away with your cauldron full of cash.

Halloween Night Bingo at Bingo Australia has Huge Jackpots

• TWO chances at $10,000
• TWO chances at $5,000
• TWENTY $100’s

If that is not enough reasons to play, the Bingo Australia Chat Hosts will be giving away free brooms worth $10 each with flying lessons in chat and don’t forget to visit facebook for even more witch-ful treats!

Don’t make them release the flying monkeys roomies, pre-buy for the games if you can’t make it. MUHAHAHAHA…

Play the best Australia Bingo site and have fun with the Witch-ful Hallo-WIN Event!


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