Bingo Canada Pattern Specials

Bingo Pattern SpecialsThis month you need to watch out for the Bingo Pattern Specials for some awesome surprises. At Bingo Canada, with their horoscope bingo patterns the astronomical signs are your lucky charms and they will guide you towards some amazing prizes. If you believe in the magic of horoscopes than this might just be the best bingo contest for you.

The Bingo Pattern Specials will keep You coming back

Winner pots start at $15, plus a 50% payout pool. So don’t miss this amazing chance to be a winner and have fun! These are part of the bingo game promotions on every Monday at Bingo Canada. As for Monday bingo there was never a lot of fun options. It is the first day after the weekend and most of us are back to work. Well, now we have a great reason to get out and play bingo on Mondays.

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If you want to try out the free bingo games, Bingo Canada welcomes you in their free bingo room, aiming to make the time you spend at this site as enjoyable as possible.

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