Bingo Flash Think Thanksgiving

Think ThanksgivingList up all your favorite things for Think Thanksgiving Day! And enter the special chat hours at Bingo Flash with the confidence to win a fistful of BBs every week day. If you don’t already have something to be thankful for, just wait until you bag some bbs in this fun bingo contest and you will be thankful that you joined this site.

It’s simple to play, After a player bingo’s at Bingo Flash, be the first to think of things that go with Thanksgiving. You have 10 seconds to answer. If you can, you win 3 BBs. Player to respond 2nd gets 2 BBs, and the 3rd response gets 1 BB!

Think Thanksgiving Could be Very Profitable for You

ThinkThanksgiving is holding these special games from Mondays to Thursdays, in USA Mixed Room from 8 PM to 10 PM. That means that you will be able to celebrate turkey day every day this week. You don’t actually need to eat turkey if you don’t feel like it. But, for those of us who love our leftovers, we are coming ready to play and ready to eat.

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