Bingo Sky Red Ball

Red Ball BingoPlay online games bingo at Bingo Sky and call a bingo on a Red Ball Bingo this Monday December 5th in the Christmas Room from 11am to 12pm ET and you’ll win up to 15BBs.

Bingo on a Red Ball and have a chance to win up to 15 BBs at Bingo Sky. This special will be played on Monday, December 5th, and only will count on games in Christmas Room from 11am to 2pm ET. Please note for multi-part games, wins count on part 3 Only.

Win Some Money in Your Christmas Stocking with Red Ball Bingo

To be eligible to win extra BBs you must do the following. First, Bingo on any Red Ball (16-30) in Christmas Room during the specified time frame. (part 3 only for multi-part games) Second, Send email with subject Red Ball to chatadmin ( with your alias and game number included.

Bingo on 16 to 20 will win you 5 BBs. Bingo on 21 to 25 will win you 10 BBs. Bingo on 26 to 30 will win you 15 BBs.

All players who send in email and are confirmed as Red Ball winners will receive credit to their account within 24 hrs.

You can be eligible as many times as a bingo is won on a Red Ball. However if more than one card wins on the same game, you will only qualify once for that game. Free games are excluded.


Bingo Sky Where Your Bingo Winnings are Sky High

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