Bingo Tropic Lovebug Power Hours

Lovebug Power HoursPlay Lovebug Power Hours from February 11th til February 13th at Bingo Tropic. Buy your packages NOW & FEEL THE LOVE from Jeeves with $7,500 Power Hours! As Valentines Day is soon here, this is you chance to win some extra cash so that you are able to take out that special someone on this special day. Celebrate with the one that you love at your favourite bingo site, bingotropic.

The Lovebug Power Hours are Starting Soon

From 10-11pm Fri. Sat. & Sun Night Bingo Tropic has $250 Guaranteed Games. ONE solid hour each night with 10 great games & a HUGE $250 Guaranteed Prize each game! Please be sure to set your alarm every night for 9:45pm to make sure that you show up on time and maximize your chances at winning that big prize.

Play Now at Bingo Tropic or read our online bingo review and the Lovebug PowerHours and snuggle up with some cash. If you are a USA bingo player and have not yet visited BingoTropic, then what are you waiting for. It is super friendly with lots of amazing contests like this one. Head over there today and find out why everyone is talking about this online bingo site.

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