Bingonanza Birds of a Feather £5000 Challenge

Birds of a FeatherFebruary is International Friendship month, and Bingonanza is updating the old proverb “Birds ofa feather, flock together” into bingo terms: “Birdsofafeather, win together!” What do you think about this saying? Do you think that it holds true for you and your friends. We certainly think that it is true and we would love to know what you think?

Join Bingonanza every day until 3 March to play the two new Challenge games: BIRDS and FEATHER. When you have both games in hand you’ll win £5 and earn the BirdsofaFeather badge. You’ll also gain entry to the weekly Challenge tournament where you can play for £750 in cash prizes. Don’t forget to keep playing Challenge games, because every time you win both the Birds and Feather games you’ll fly away with another £5.

Birds of a Feather Bingo Contest is on Now

Challenge games gather together twice an hour from 6am to 1am, in both Money Tree and Lucky Streak, and the weekly Challenge Tournaments take place Thursdays at 9pm in Madhouse. These are some of the funnest bingo games around.

Play Now at Bingonanza or read our online bingo review and join BirdsofaFeather £5000 Challenge for your chance to win.