Bingonanza Grand Slam Tennis Bingo

Grand Slam Tennis BingoEvery night from 10pm to 11pm (May 30th to June 5th), you can hit the courts in the Grand Slam room at Bingonanza for an exciting hour of Grand Slam Tennis Bingo!

These special 5 part games at Bingonanza play out like real tennis games, and 2 different versions will play for £525 every night.

The first 5 games of the hour are Singles games, each playing for £75 cash prize pools in five tennis themed parts including Serve, Return, Volley, Smash, and Game.

The final game of the hour is the Doubles game, playing for Double the prizes. Here the prize pool is increased to £150 cash, matching up some prizes with real tennis points scoring: £5, £15, £30, £40, and £60.

Have You Heard about Grand Slam Tennis Bingo?

If you’ve got what it takes to win, you could be one of 5 Grand Slam Champions to take home £100 cash at the end of the tournament. Wins on any part of any Grand Slam Tennis game will be tallied up after the Tournament, and the Top 5 Winners will be announced on June 7rh. (You can see how many wins you have at any time on the Tennis Scoreboard via the in-game promotions page.)

Tickets to all games are 50p Cash each (Buy 2 Get 1 Free, max 60), and pre-purchase is available.

New Games Added. Limber up with 1hr of £15 Warm Up games at 9pm. These games are 10p per ticket, Buy 5 Get 1 Free, and pre-purchase is available.

Play Now at Bingonanza or read our online bingo review and join Grand Slam Tennis Bingo for your chance to win the prizes.