Canadian Dollar Bingo No Fees And Cash Return

Canadian Dollar BingoDeposit and play online bingo games at Canadian Dollar Bingo and Canadian Dollar Bingo will pay your fees and also give you money back.

Depending of the deposit method you use, every time you deposit you get charged some fees. Well, now Canadian Dollar Bingo will be covering those annoying fees.

You just need to make your deposit, open a support ticket and let Amigo Bingo know the fee amount you were charged. Canadian Dollar Bingo will proceed to credit accordingly.

The first day of each month, players will get their bonus account credited with the equivalent to 10% of the total deposits they made during the previous month.

E.g. Total amount deposited by the player in June: $300 300 x 10% = 30 A 30 bonus will be credited in your account.

As easy as that. The more deposits you make, bigger the bonus you will get the following month.

Play Now at Canadian Dollar Bingo or read our online bingo review and join for the No Fees And Cash Return bingo bonus.