Check out the 10c Mixed Room at 241 Bingo

Mixed Bingo RoomThis is your chance to win big in the Mixed Bingo Room! 2-4-1 Bingo have just recently launched a brand new dimes room, for you to play and have a good time, just in time for spring. Join in the fun from 9am to 1pm in the exclusive new room featuring amazing prizes with low cost cards.

You will Find some Nice Surprises in the Mixed Bingo Room

Spoiler Alert! Be on the lookout for our ‘Pigs Do Fly’ pattern throughout the day, because if you win on one of these, they will be crediting your account with an extra 50% on your next deposit! Yes, you read right: an extra 50% Deposit Bonus on top of all the bonuses you already get.

10c can win you a lot, play now and don’t miss your chance in the 10c mixed room! This is great for those of you who like to start small and win big.


241 Bingo Where All is Two for One

Join today for the $25 free sign on bonus and the 300% bonus on every deposit. These are two outstanding reasons why 241 Bingo is the ultimate bingo site and the best place to play for USA bingo players!

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