Desperate Housewives Bingo GEMz Collecting

Bingo GEMz CollectingIt is time to start Bingo GEMz Collecting from Sunday to Sunday and win a share of 250 BBz at Desperate Housewives Bingo. The great thing about this bingo contest is that you don’t need to mark your calendar and your don’t need to remember which day of the week that it is playing. This is because it plays everyday so you can join in whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

Bingo on the GEM pattern on the :42 of each hour! You and your Neighbor above will go into a drawing. There will be a drawing for 4 winners of 250 BB. Gemz Collectors runs from Sunday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. Gem Collectors are added to the board as often as possible.

Bingo GEMz Collecting Could Bring You a Nice Surprise

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