The Enchanted Slots Tourney is on this Weekend at Bingo Fest

Enchanted Slots TourneyThroughout March Bingo Fest is hosting their Enchanted Slots Tourney. This will occur from Friday through to Sunday every week of the month. As you might have guessed, there’s a strong magical theme running through this event with all the eligible slots themed around fairies and fairytale characters – the list of the slots can be found below.

Love to Spin & Win in the Enchanted Slots Tourney

If you want to join in the fun, you will need to play one or more of the listed games so that any spins you do will count towards the tourney and get you a prize. When it comes to scoring a win, there’s just a single spin in it. They are taking the best equalized win over just a single round to crown the champion! That’s right, you need only one spin to top all the others and you could be in with a chance at the top prize. The slot games that you want to join include:

– Faerie Spells
– Fairy Nights
– Prince Charming
– Frogged
– Unicorn
– Greedy Goblins
– Diamond Dragon
– Pinocchio
– Ogre Empire
– Gnome Sweet Home
– Silver Unicorn
– Enchanted
– Candy Cottage

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place / $1,000 / Cash
2nd Place / $500 / Universal Bonus
3rd Place / $250 / Universal Bonus
4th Place / $100 / Universal Bonus
5th Place / $50.00 / Universal Bonus
6th – 10th / $10.00 / Universal Bonus
11th – 20th / $5.00 / Universal Bonus

If you’re lucky enough to get to the top, you could be walking away with $1,000 in cash! But don’t worry if you don’t make it to the top, the top 20 players will all get a piece of the pie and with $2,000 given away each week, part of $1,000 is still great. See you at Bingo Fest this weekend!


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