Join the High or Low Bingo Weekends at Downtown Bingo

High or Low BingoFor two weekends in January Downtown Bingo will be holding their High or Low Bingo Weekends. The weekends to look out for are the 10th till the 12th and the 24th till the 26th. These special bingo Weekend events will play at the same time as the High/Low $75/ $25 event that usually occurs but there will be a higher prize definition to make it special. Head on over to the New Year’s Bingo Room, for this event, anytime between 10:00AM EST and 12:00PM EST and, again, between 10:00PM EST and 12:00AM EST.

High or Low Bingo Weekends for Big Excitement

There are a number of games in operation during the Low or High Weekend Bingo. The first of these is a High/Low game with $150 as top prize and $50 minimum. The cards for this event will cost just $0.35 making it an exciting budget option, open to all players.

There’s also a $10,000 Coverall in play with a minimum of $100. Similar to the other game, the cards for this are just $0.35 per card. These games will play at the top of the hour and also again somewhere in the middle of the game cycle, so keep an eye out!

Grab your cards at Downtown Bingo and make your January weekends a little bit more exciting! Maybe you can walk away with a decent win! If you are looking for some bingo fun this weekend then you should really head downtown for these special games.


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