Lets Make a Deal at Desperate Housewives Bingo

Desperate Housewives BingoDesperate Housewives Bingo is looking for players to make a deal! You must answer to play for comps. First hour the CL will use 2 nabors down the list from the bingo winner, second hour the CL will go 2 nabors up from the bingo winner.

The CL will offer you a box numbered 1 to 40 and tell you what is in the box. You then decide to keep it or trade for what is behind Jeeves curtains! There are 3 curtains to choose from, and once you choose to trade, the decision is final! Good Luck! You have until the 10th ball called the following game to answer.

You can play Lets Make a Deal every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at Desperate Housewives Bingo. Play Now at Desperate Housewives Bingo or read our online bingo review and play Lets Make a Deal.

Desperate Housewives Bingo $7500 Lucky Leprechaun Power Hour

Desperate Housewives BingoBetween March 11th and March 13th, There are $250 Guaranteed Games play at Desperate Housewives Bingo from 10pm to 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

$7,500 Lucky Leprechaun Power Hour at Desperate Housewives Bingo will be play between March 11th and March 13th in the Bingo Central.

Buy your packages now and may the lucky leprechaun bring you cash from Jeeves during the $7500 Lucky Leprechaun Power Hours which will be play from 10pm to 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. One solid hour each night with 10 great games and a huge $250 guaranteed prize each game at Desperate Housewives Bingo.

Packages on sale now. There are three package you can choose from. $25 package with 5 cards per games; $75 package with 15 cards per game; $125 package with 25 cards per game. Get you packages early and may the luck of the leprechauns bring you cash.

Play Now at Desperate Housewives Bingo or read our online bingo review and join the Lucky Leprechaun Power Hour.

Pandoras Box @ Desperate Housewives Bingo

Desperate Housewives BingoWatch for the Valentine’s Heart Pattern to play in all of the bingo rooms at Desperate Housewives Bingo. Get your name in for a chance to win 1 of 2 prizes.

During the month of February, watch for the Valentine’s Heart Pattern to play in ALL ROOMS. Load up and Max out because each time you bingo on this special pattern you’ll get 1 entry in PANDORA’S LOVE BOX! Each week, February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th They will draw TWO (2) WINNERS at random from all the weeks entries to win one of the Gorgeous PANDORA BRACELETS. The box will be emptied each week after the drawing and they will start filling it up again for the next weeks draw!

The FIRST NAME out of PANDORA’S box will win a beautiful Pandora Starter Bracelet with a Last Name Initial Charm (your choice of Gold or Sterling Silver). The SECOND NAME drawn out of the box will receive a FABULOUS Pandora Valentine’s Bracelet.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of Love, Yell BINGO and WIN at Desperate Housewives Bingo!

Play Now at Desperate Housewives Bingo or read our online bingo review and open Pandora’s Box.

Enjoy the Gift of Giving @ Desperate Housewives Bingo

Desperate Housewives BingoTis the Season to be jolly and enjoy the gift of giving at Desperate Housewives Bingo. Jump in your sleigh and fill it up with entries every day December 1st – 25th at 9pm.

All players who earn 25 entries or more will celebrate with Jeeves at the Holiday Party Dec 26th, at 7pm in the Tourney Room where you will play 3 fabulous games with 15 free cards for each game.

There are some fabulous holiday prizes on offer – Game 1 prize – $200 Candle To My Door Gift Card, Game 2 prize – $200 L. L. Bean Gift Card, Game 3 prize – $200 QVC Gift Card. Good Luck everybody!

Play Now at Desperate Housewives Bingo or read our online bingo review and get in on the Gift of Giving.

Desperate Housewives Bingo Flip It

Desperate Housewives Bingo
Each week six (6) players will be Flip It winners (3 winners – Flip It, 3 winners $100 gift card) at Desperate Housewives Bingo. You just need to Flip It and you can record your holidays in style.

You can earn entries everyday during the month of November into the Holiday Flip It Raffle. The drawings will be held November 8th, 15th, 22nd and 30th in the Jackpot Fever Chat Room. Be sure that you are there at 8pm and you can be one of the 24 big winners.

For those of you not familiar with Flip It, this is a fantastic new flip video camera where you can shoot up tp one hour of HD video that is very easy to use and fits in your pocket. A $50 deposit gets you one entry and a $100 deposit gets you 5 entries. If you wager $150 on any side game you get 5 entries or if you bingo on the Flip It pattern you can also get 5 entries.

Play Now at Desperate Housewives Bingo or read our online bingo review and get in on the Holiday Flip it Raffle.

Desperate Housewives Bingo GEMz Collecting

Desperate Housewives Bingo

Collect your Gems from Sunday to Sunday and win a share of 250 BBz at Desperate Housewives Bingo.

Bingo on the GEM pattern on the :42 of each hour! You and your Neighbor above will go into a drawing. There will be a drawing for 4 winners of 250 BB. Gemz Collectors runs from Sunday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. Gem Collectors are added to the board as often as possible.

Look out for the Desperate Housewives GEMz Collecting and get you 250 BBz winnings! Promotion games are played daily, please check the Game Schedule for details. Play Now at Desperate Housewives Bingo or start off by reading online bingo review of Desperate Housewives Bingo.

Desperate Housewives Bingo

[three_fifth] [titled_box title=”Desperate Housewives Bingo Important Notice”] Desperate Housewives Bingo is no longer endorsed by bingogals. Please check our USA Bingo Reviews for our favorite USA bingo sites.
[/titled_box] [fancy_header]Desperate Housewives Bingo Overview[/fancy_header]No need to be Desperate. You have come to the right place for online bingo games at Desperate Housewives Bingo.

[fancy_header]Signup Bonus[/fancy_header]DesperateHousewivesBingo offers $30 Free no deposit bingo bonus to try out their games and an 250% first deposit bonus.

[fancy_header]Deposit Bonus[/fancy_header]DesperateHousewivesBingo offers a regular deposit bonus of up to 300% plus 50% cashback.

[fancy_header] Jackpots[/fancy_header]DesperateHousewivesBingo.com offers lots of different jackpots in Bingo Central, Desperate Lounge, Blackout Bingo, Speed Bingo, S.S. Low Max and Jackpot Fever.

[fancy_header]Game Variety[/fancy_header]Desperate Housewives Bingo only offers bingo games in 75 balls.

[fancy_header]Loyalty / Referral Rewards[/fancy_header]At DesperateHousewivesBingo every time you fund your account they grant you a specific deposit bonus (BBs) based on your lifetime deposits. For Referral rewards they give you 100% on your friends first deposit, and 10% on every deposit they make thereafter.

[fancy_header]Support[/fancy_header]DesperateHousewivesBingo.com offers e-mail . live chat and tichet support.

[fancy_header]Deposit / Payout Options[/fancy_header]Desperate Housewives Bingo has various Deposit Options including: Nexum (E-checks) . Neteller . Credit Card . Firepay . Citadel . My Citadel . Instadebit . The Payout Options include: Neteller . Firepay . Wire Transfer.

[fancy_header]Graphics[/fancy_header]Desperate Housewives Bingo has great graphics and colors but, with so much information you may find it a little complicated.

[fancy_header]Software[/fancy_header]DesperateHousewivesBingo is run on Proprietary Software. Although it is their own it is very similar to the current Parlay software.

[/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last]Desperate Housewives Bingo

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[/check_list][/toggle] [fancy_header]Editor Scores[/fancy_header] [toggle title=”Signup Bonus”] [dropcap2]8.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Deposit Bonus”] [dropcap2]8.8[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Jackpots”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Game Variety”] [dropcap2]6.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Loyalty Rewards”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Support”] [dropcap2]9.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Deposit Options”] [dropcap2]8.5[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Graphics”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Software”] [dropcap2]9.0[/dropcap2] [/toggle] [toggle variation=”primary_blue” title=”Overall Rating”] [dropcap4]8.6[/dropcap4] [/toggle]

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Desperate Housewives Bingo

[/two_fifth_last] [fancy_header]Overall Rating[/fancy_header]

The Overall Rating for Desperate Housewives Bingo is 8.6 which is considered above average. We would like to see them offer more game variety and a better deposit bonus. You will definitely be satisfied with the free money bingo bonus and first deposit bonus.

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