Downtown Bingo Offers Big Bingo Fun

Big Bingo FunIt’s Big Bingo Fun time in June as you play for $13,000 in guaranteed in cash prizes in the Downtown Bingo $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event on Saturday, June 25 EDT. It’s time to start dreaming of how you would spend these incredible cash prizes, a new wardrobe? a summer vacation? Treat the family? With a guaranteed $10,000 cash to be won in the big game, this big bingo event could make your summer dreams come true.

Big Bingo Fun is Waiting for You at Downtown Bingo

Get ready for Big Bingo Fun and Excitement from 8:00PM EDT on Saturday, June 25 EDT as you play for a guaranteed $13,000 of cash prizes in the $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event. To get the event warmed up, Downtown Bingo will play three top of the hour $1,000 guaranteed games at 8:00PM EDT, 9:00PM EDT and 10:00PM EDT. Each game plays with a card cost of just $2.50 and guarantees a fabulous cash prize of $1,000. That’s an incredible $3,000 in cash prizes to be won in this Big Bingo Event warm up bingo games.

It’s time to make your summer dreams come true at 11:00PM EDT as you play the big game, the $10,000 Guaranteed game. With such a huge cash prize, this is the biggest bingo game of the month and guarantee’s another big winner at Downtown Bingo. Cards for the big game cost just $5.00 each.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make your dreams come true in June by pre-ordering your cards for our $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event today.


Downtown Bingo Easter Eggstravaganza

Downtown Bingo Easter
Join in the Easter weekend bingo fun and excitement at Downtown Bingo and play for fabulous cash prizes in the Bingo Easter Weekend EGGstravaganza!

Join in the Easter bingo fun as there is up to $15,000 of cash prizes in the Easter Weekend EGGstravaganza. This great web bingo event is held over the Easter weekend, Friday, March 25 at 7:00PM EDT, Saturday, March 26 at 7:00PM EDT and Sunday, March 27 at 7:00PM EDT in the Spring Bingo room and guarantees Easter bingo fun and excitment. Each day at 7:00PM EDT you can play one of the Downtown Bingo Easter Weekend EGGstravaganza $5,000 coverall, minimum $500 games on our Coverall Bingo Patterns. Cards for these fun filled Easter Weekend EGGstravaganza games cost just $1.00 a card.

Register for the Bingo Easter Eggstravaganza at Downtown Bingo

You can get more bingo fun and chances to win playing in the Easter Weekend EGGstravaganza games with an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 free offer on all bingo cards. That’s amazing free chances to win up to $5,000 each game this Easter. All you have to do is select 9 bingo cards and you will only be charged for 6!

This incredible buy 6 get 3 free offer also works for pre bought bingo cards. Pre buy your Easter Weekend EGGstravaganza bingo cards today for your chance to win a share of up to $15,000 in cash prizes during the DowntwonBingo Easter weekend.


Downtown Bingo Stargazers Bingo Tourney

Bingo StargazersLook to the stars this month and you could be a big winner with Downtown Bingo. It’s time to look to the heavens in January and see what the stars hold for you in 2016 as you play for fantastic cash prizes in the Bingo Stargazers Bingo Tourney. It does not matter if your star sign is Aries, Libra or Sagittarius, every star sign can be found within our fun filled Stargazers bingo tourney.

Become one of the Bingo Stargazers and Win more with Downtown Bingo

The Star gazers Bingo fun plays in the New Year’s Bingo room all month until January 31st and awards $3,000 in fabulous prizes. Each hour of the day they will play one of their special Stargazer bingo games on one of 12 zodiac bingo patterns. These fun bingo games have a card cost of only $0.50 each and every time you win you will automatically receive one tourney point which will be added to your tourney ranking. The more of these stargazer bingo games that you win, the higher you will climb up the tourney leader board and $1,000 as Downtown Bingo Star gazers Bingo tourney winner.

Will the stars align to reward you with an incredible $1,000 in cash? Find out in the Stargazers USA Bingo Tourney!


Play Parent’s Day Bingo at Downtown Bingo

Parents Day BingoParent’s Day is the perfect time to have a fun filled day with your family, enjoying their company and being thankful for the great things in life, most importantly parents all around the world. To celebrate this great day Downtown Bingo will hold a fantastic Parents Day Bingo event, bringing players the very best mixture of incredible bingo games with fantastic cash prizes to be won.

The Parents Day Bingo Event is Fun for one and all

The Parent’s Day bingo fun can be found in the Summer Bingo room on Sunday July 26th. Starting at 5:00PM EDT there’s four hours filled with everyone’s favorite bingo games:

+ Parent’s Day Starting $100 games. These exciting games start with a guaranteed prize pot of $100 for just $1 a card and the more players that play, the bigger the pot!
+ Parent’s Day High or Low $200 / $100. Win High or win Low, this is your chance to win a fantastic cash prize for only $1 per card.
+ Guaranteed $300 Parent’s Day games. There’s an incredible $300 guaranteed to be won every game for only $1/card.

Downtown Bingo have made this Parent’s Day bingo event even more fun with an unmissable Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards. That’s incredible free cards to win fantastic cash prizes, simply select 9 cards of your choosing and you will only be charged for 6 as you play USA Bingo this Parent’s Day.


It’s Time to Win Big at Downtown Bingo

Time to Win BigNow is the Time to Win Big and get this year started on the right foot. Downtown Bingo’s New Year’s resolution is to continue to bring players the biggest and best cash prize games every month and their January New Year’s BIG 3-Part Event is the perfect way to start the year. This incredible event guarantees a big winner in January as you play for incredible cash prizes of up to $10,000 guaranteed.

Join in for this great event in the Bingo Tourney Room on Saturday, January 31 EST, as they bring you an evening filled with bingo fun, excitement and incredible cash prizes that must be won. The fun starts at 8:00PM EST as Downtown Bingo plays the first of their New Year’s BIG 3-Part Event games for a guaranteed $1,000 cash prize with a card cost of just $2.00 a card. At 9:00PM EST and 10:00PM EST they are giving you more great chances to win a guaranteed $1,000 as they raise the excitement ready for the New Year’s BIG 3-Part game at 11:00PM EST.

Downtown Bingo Time to Win Big

The New Year’s BIG 3-Part game is one game you won’t want to miss. Down town bingo is giving away a guaranteed $11,250 in fantastic cash prizes.

1st Part = A fantastic $250 in Cash!
2nd Part = A fabulous $1,000 in Cash!
3rd Part = An incredible $10,000 in Cash!

Just think what you could do with an incredible $10,000 in cash, a new wardrobe, a new kitchen or just pay off some bills. With incredible cash prizes guaranteed and an evening filled with bingo fun and excitement, make sure to join in for the New Year’s BIG 3-Part Event in the USA Bingo Tourney room on Saturday, January 31 EST.

Cards to our New Year’s BIG 3-Part game are just $5.00 a card, why not pre order yours now to guarantee you don’t miss out on this great game and your chance of winning big in January.

It’s time to win big at Downtown Bingo!


Downtown Bingo World Cup Coverall

Bingo World CupThe Bingo World Cup fever is sweeping the world, with everyone talking about the next big game. It’s time to join your friends at Downtown Bingo as they bring you the biggest and best games in The World Cup $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 event. It does not matter who you support, USA, Brazil, England or Germany, everyone is in with a chance to win incredible cash prizes of up to a massive $50,000.

Make sure to take your seats in the Bingo Tourney Room on Saturday, June 28 EDT as they kick off the event at 8:00PM EDT with a $1,000 Guaranteed game. With a card cost of just $2 that’s a 1,000 reasons to cheer for your team. There’s more action to come at 9:00PM EDT as they bring you another great $1,000 Guaranteed game to see you through till half time.

Join in the Bingo World Cup Coming Soon

The second half starts at 10:00PM EDT with the third of the $1,000 Guaranteed games, the excitement building as you head towards the final kick of the event at 11:00PM EDT with The World Cup $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 game. Cards for the big game are just $5 and you could be walking away with a World Cup winning $50,000 in cash.

With a minimum of $13,000 to be won in guaranteed cash prizes and a chance to win up to an incredible $50,000 this is one World Cup event that you would be crazy to miss!


All Players Welcome

If you are searching for a site that accepts all bingo players and has no wagering requirements than look no further than Downtown Bingo.

Downtown Bingo | Free $25 Signup Bonus

Downtown Bingo Important Notice
Downtown Bingo is no longer approved by bingogals. Please check our USA Bingo Reviews for all the best bingo sites for USA bingo players.

Downtown Bingo Review

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Downtown Bingo Review offers North American and European players the best in online Bingo, while featuring a variety of Slot, Arcade and Table Games as well as Video Poker. With over 60 games to choose from, it’s clear that this website offers players more than just online Bingo.

New members can benefit from a great welcome bonus package that includes a free $25 credit along with a 500% Match on players’ first deposits, followed by a 600% match on players’ second and 400% match on players third deposits. These bonuses are credited instantly and have no withdrawal requirements whatsoever.

This USA bingo site also boasts a solid loyalty program. Players earn Bingo Points for every Bingo card they purchase and can redeem them for entries into Free Cash Draws awarding up to $1,000 in cash every month.

In terms of promotions, there’s always something to celebrate. With monthly specials, weekly tournaments and a Bingo Free Roll Room allowing players to win money while playing for free, they reward members in a multitude of ways.

Considered a well-trusted service provider, this site offers multiple deposit methods, fast and easy payouts and a support staff that is available 24/7 should anyone have questions or concerns.

Players should prepare themselves for a whole new online Bingo experience when visiting It’s all about the perks of a fun and safe gaming environment with ample chances of winning big.

For a more in-depth review please read the Downtown Bingo Review at

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