Bingo Sky 500% Bonus Blow-out

Bingo Sky

This Saturday September 4th Bingo Sky is giving you a Special 500% Bonus for deposits of $100 or more. The offer runs the whole day so you have 24 hours to gain from 500% bonus on your deposit. All deposits under $100 will receive the regular funding bonus.

This offer is only valid for current players. New players are entitled to the first deposit funding bonus. No exceptions or extensions can be granted. Please note that the Cinderella Bonus Days will no longer be held on Thursdays and from now on Bingo Sky will offer random Bingo Bonus Promotions every week.

Play Now at Bingo Sky or read our online bingo review and make a deposit at September 4th for your 500% bingo bonus. The more you deposit that day, the more income you get.