Bingonanza The Final Countdown

BingonanzaThree, two, won. Count down the numbers from 10 to 1 in these special 2 part pattern games at Bingonanza for rotating prize amounts. Don’t miss it out.

The countdown is on as bingo patterns representing the numbers 10 to 1 play in sequence for these special two part Bingo 75 games at Bingonanza. In first part of each pattern game, the prize starts at £10 and descends with each call to £1 before blasting off up to £10 to do it all over again. The second part of each game is a coverall for even higher prizes, starting at £30 down to £15 and back again until someone wins. The Final Countdown is the big “1”, when the countdown starts at a whopping £100. Strap yourself in and prepare to blast off with The Final Countdown every night at 11pm.

Play Now at Bingonanza or read our online bingo review and join The Final Countdown for your chance to win the bingo prizes.