Eyes Down Bingo Colour Me A Winner

Eyes Down BingoPlay bingo at Eyes Down Bingo and join the Colour Me a Winner, Cards of a different colour can still be winners. Finish these games with up to 3TG and win.

Play online games bingo at Eyes Down Bingo and Close calls count this hour because even if you have 1 To Go, 2TG, or 3TG when bingo is called you’ll win extra bonus money. During these games, if you have at least one card matching the corresponding color when bingo is called, the extra bonus can be yours.

Purple Flower games reward all players with any Purple (3TG) cards. Green Shamrock games reward everyone with any Green (2TG) cards. Yellow Star games reward all players with any Yellow (1TG) cards. Red Heart games awards an extra special bonus prize to winning bingo players with a RED card (Bingo!)

Play Now at Eyes Down Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Colour Me a Winner for your chance to win the bingo prizes.