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Bingo on I-17
Saint Patrick’s falls on March 17 and the fortune upswings with all the luck on this day! But why just March 17? Celebrate good fortune with 123 Bingo Online all this month and savor free BBs. Just play online bingo and bingo on I-17 to win 20 BBs. Throughout the month of March, every bingo win on I-17 will get you 20 BBs to feast on! To claim your reward, visit Live Help with the Game ID#.

Also check out the other great Flowery Bloom games including: Blooming Bingo Gardens, Bugs and Butterflies, Twisty Trivia and Bingo Pot ‘O Gold. Check out these fantastic offers right now at 123 Bingo Online or read online bingo review of 123 Bingo Online and enjoy the Flowery Bloom all month long.

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