Love Bingo December Value Bingo Day

Love BingoPlay online games bingo at Love Bingo this December. Love Bingo is bringing you 1p play for a huge 12 hour stretch on December 13th and December 28th.

On 13th and 28th December you can play bingo for just 1p from 9am to 9pm in the Bingo Cafe. Love Bingo has guaranteed pots for every game.

Snap up those 1p tickets and go bingo ball-istic and scoop yourself some gigantic cash prizes. Make sure you play at Love Bingo for this heaven sent chance to win.

Even if you can’t make it to the fantastic Value Day bingo – don’t miss out on the action – Pre-buy your tickets and check in later to see if you’ve won.

Play Now at Love Bingo or read our online bingo review and join December Value Bingo Day for your chance to win the cash prizes.