2-4-1 Bingo Weekend Team Bingo

Weekend Team BingoPlay Online Games Bingo at 2-4-1 Bingo Group Bingo and win tournaments in the weekend team bingo event. You could win a lot online bingo jackpots from the fantasy weekend Bingo games.

Team Bingo will play on every weekend at 2-4-1 Bingo with the bingo jackpots. Players will buy in for $27.88 upon registration for one night of team bingo. $25.00 registration fee and $2.88 covers the automatic pre-bought cards for that evening. Players joining teams after registration closes will have to pre-buy themselves. Cost per card 1 cent/max 12 cards and the fixed Jackpot $25 all games.

Wake Up Early to Play the Weekend Team Bingo Event

Each win represents a point… team with the most points wins a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place only players that complete a “buy in” will be able to see the cards for this tournament. 100% of the total “buy in” will be divided between the 3 winning teams. 1st Place 50%, 2nd Place 35% and 3rd Place 15%. All wins are paid in BB’S.

Play Now at 2-4-1 Bingo or read our online bingo review and join Weekend Team Bingo for your chance to win bingo bonus. The more that play the bigger the bonus.

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