Astro Bingo Linked Ultimate Progressive Jackpot

Ultimate Progressive JackpotJoin the crowd at Astro Bingo to take a shot at the Linked Ultimate Progressive jackpot, which starts at £5000 and climbs UP with each game played! It’s a case of “The more the merrier!” and potentially richer when Astro Bingo combines everyone in the rooms to play for the Linked UP PJP at the same time. If that’s not enough, the game prize starts at £5000 too.

The Ultimate Progressive Jackpot is Waiting for You at Astro

All players will join up at top of every hour to play a 75-number game on even hours, and a 90-number game on odd hours:

75-number bingo (even hours): Jackpot awarded if Coverall is claimed in 42 calls or less

90-number bingo (odd hours): Jackpot awarded if Full House is claimed in 32 calls or less

You can join UP at the top of the hour for a chance to take home over £10,000!

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Online Bingo from Your Home with Astro Bingo

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