Astro Bingo Midnight Somewhere

Bingo MidnightThe Wednesday Bingo Midnight contest starts at 9pm. The first number called in the linked up game determines the deposit bonus anything from 110% to a massive 190% for 12 hours at Astro Bingo. You don’ know what you are going to get, but we are sure that what ever it is, you are going to love it.

You Don’t Have to Stay Up all Night to Play Bingo Midnight

Each Wednesday night Astro Bingo offer a special deposit bonus of between 110% and 190%, available to all players between 10 PM and 10 AM. The deposit bonus amount is determined by the first number called in the linked 9pm game. The bonus is 100% add the number called. For example, if the first number out is 55, the Midnight Somewhere deposit bonus will be 155%. The minimum bonus amount is 110%. Make sure to mark Wednesdays on your calendar, and take advantage of this weekly deposit special.

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Online Bingo from Your Home with Astro Bingo

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