Bingo Angels Movies and Popcorn

Popcorn bingoPlay online games bingo at Bingo Angels every Tuesday and Sunday the Special Movies and Popcorn bingo patterns will play in Maxi’s H.O.B. room with up to $450 Jackpot. This is a great way to combine some of your favourite things. That would be watching movies and playing online bingo. Who wouldn’t want to participate in something as fun as this online bingo promotion.

Put on a Movie and Play Popcorn Bingo this Week

What you need to do is simple. Win The Movies pattern on Tuesday and the Popcorn pattern on Sunday at Bingo Angels and Maxi will give you an Extra $150 Cash for winning both in the same week. Each game will have a Fixed $150 Jackpot. That’s $450 in total The week starts from Monday to Sunday. If you would like to get your share then you need to sign up today.

Play Now at Bingo Angels or read our online bingo review and join Movies and Popcorn for your chance to win up to $450 jackpot.

Play in Bingo Heaven with Bingo Angels

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