Bingo Fest $100,000 Coverall

Bingo Fest 100000 CoverallBingo Fest had so much fun giving away this amazing prize last month that Bingo Fest decided to repeat the incredible 100000 Coverall ($100,000) minimum $15,000 Game in June as well. Does that sound interesting to you?

Are You Ready for the Bingo Fest 100000 Coverall

Sounds good? Then come on over to the Tourney Room at Bingo Fest, on Saturday June 25th for the greatest Bingo Event of All Bingo Events. Bingo Card cost for the Big Game is at $7.50c per card. This may sound like a lot for a bingo card, but it is like buying a lotto ticket with much better odds. This would be a life changing win for any of us, so it might be worth the price of a ticket, just for your chance to win.

But that’s not all. Bingo Fest start the fun at 8:00 PM ET with three $1,000 Guaranteed Games every hour on the hour. Card Cost for the $1K Guaranteed Games are at $2. Therefore these games will play at 8PM, 9PM & 10PM. Then at 11PM we play the BIG Game.

Play Now at Bingo Fest or read our online bingo review and join Bingo Fest in the Tourney Room and play for $100,000.