Bingo Fest 12 Days For Christmas

12 Days For ChristmasPlay 12 Days For Christmas bingo games at Bingo Fest between December 13th and December 24th and bingo on the winning bingo number, you could win 25BBs each time. Don’t miss it out.

We could all use a little extra cash around the holiday season. There is always an extra gift that we need to buy or an extra donation that we need to make. If we just had a little but more, it would always make the Christmas holidays a little bit better.

The 12 Days For Christmas Bingo is Starting Soon

Start counting those days down until Christmas whilst loading your account with more Bingo Bucks. Let’s join together this year and all take home a few extra dollars from our favourite bingo site.

The Chat Game Special at Bingo Fest will play in the Christmas Bingo Room from December 13th till December 24th. Each countdown day represents a winning bingo number, for example, on the 12th day of Christmas, the player who Bingos on B12 will win 25BBs. We hope that we will see you there soon!

Play Now at Bingo Fest or read our Bingo Fest Review and get in on all the fun and huge bingo prizes.