Bingo Fest Bring It “ON”

Bingo Fest Bring ItBingo on any number under the O’s or N’s at Bingo Fest Bring It and you will have a chance to win BBs. This special will play on October 18th, in Autumn Room from 2pm to 8pm ET. Please note for multi-part games, wins count on part 3 only.

Bingo Fest Bring It “ON” and You Could Win BIG

To be eligible to win extra BBs at Bingo Fest you must do the following. First, Bingo on any number under the O’s (61-75) or N’s (31-45) during the specified timeframe in Autumn Room. (Part 3 for multi-part games) Then, Send email with subject Bring It On to with your alias and game number, as well as the number won on included.

O winners will receive 5 BBs, N winners will receive 10 BBs. All players who send in email and are confirmed as O or N winners will receive credit to their account within 24 hrs. Does this sound like fun? Why not try something different? and you could be one of the many winners this week at Bingo Fest. We will be there, how about you?

Play Now at Bingo Fest or read our online bingo review and join Bring It “ON” for some extra bingo bonus.