Bingo Flash Bingo Army

Bingo ArmyPlay online games bingo at Bingo Flash and join the Bingo Army and bingo hard to earn the stars and to get the highest rank in the Bingo Army.

Bingo on the Corporal Stripes pattern at Bingo Flash to win a guaranteed jackpot of worth $50.

Join the Bingo Army and Win Big

Every time you win a bingo on the 10 Corporal Stripes patterns, you earn 1 star. So, keep playing bingo and keep earning stars to get promoted and get rewarded as follows. Bingo on the Slots pattern within 20 calls to win 4 BBs and line up three hearts. Every time you line up three hearts, you succeed by one level in showbiz. Bingo on the Slots pattern within 25 calls to win 2 BBs and line up three movie tickets! Every time you line up three movie tickets, you win 5 free cards.

By the end of month, the player to touch the top spot in the world of showbiz by lining up maximum three-heart combos is titled as the king or queen of showbiz and is entitled to the reward of 25 BBs.

The Bing Army bingo games with $50 Guaranteed Jackpots are play Once every hour in the USA Mixed Room every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Play Now at Bingo Flash or read our online bingo review and join Bingo Army for your chance to win the bingo prizes.