Bingo Flash Get Paid To Chat

Get Paid To ChatHow would you like to get paid to chat at your favourite online bingo site. Every time you visit the chat room, you’re closer to $100 BBs and to the chat queen crown Bingo Flash! So show up more often and take home more BBs on the following days of the week:

Match Up: Mondays and Thursdays
Oracle Bingo: Tuesdays and Fridays
Me First: Wednesdays and Saturdays
At the Races: Sundays

This basically means that every day of the week you could benefit by visiting the right chat room on the right day of the week. You just need to pay attention to the list above so that you know where to go on each day of the week.

Now You Can Get Paid To Chat at Bingo Flash

$555.00 Cash Raffles running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday! On a deposit of $55 per day! This is an added bonus for everyone who likes to play bingo on the weekend and is planning on making a new deposit. If you are planning on making a deposit anyways, then why not do it when you will get the most benefit?

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