Bingo Flash The Eyes On You

Eyes On YouTrue friends don’t let you go wrong neither in life, nor in bingo. So, Bingo Flash have their eyes on you. What you need to do is play online games bingo at Bingo Flash.

Play it right and bingo on the Eye Bingo pattern to win a guaranteed jackpot of up to $200 at Bingo Flash.

The Eyes On You when You Play at this Top Bingo Site

Right when you win a bingo, you need to list out to the chat host the first five numbers that were called out in the game just won by you. If all the five numbers you list turn out to be correct you win 2 BBs.

But if you go wrong or miss out even a single number than you neighbor buddy will get a chance to list out those five numbers. Your neighbor will win 4BBs for listing the numbers correctly out of which they will share their 2 BBs with you.

The games are play Noon, 6 PM, 9 PM, Midnight every day in the Mixed Room with $100 Guaranteed Jackpots. Don’t miss it out.

Play Now at Bingo Flash or read our online bingo review and join The Eye’s On You for your chance to win the bingo prizes.